Two things.

10/01/2012 04:08:00 AM
First thing: Have ya'll seen the TOMS wedding collection? I love these. I think they're beautiful. :)

They're the Petal Grosgrain Women's Classic $54. See 'em here. Check out the rest of the wedding collection here.


Second thing: Just bought these chairs for a plain white table that Lila and Vivi have. I cannot wait for them to arrive. I love the idea of an "elegant" children's chair. HA!

(May it be noted that I am absolutely living out my childhood through these ladies.)

I ordered the pink, yellow, green and purple. I got them off of Have you seen this site? Cute stuff. Great prices. Free and fast shipping.


 My friends?

Have a wonderful week.


1 comment:

  1. I bought Bobs. Am I a poser? I'm getting some for my poser kids too.


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