Respectful cleaning for mother-in-laws

10/22/2012 04:08:00 AM
Because my mother-in-law is arriving on Tuesday, I spent the weekend doing what most daughters-in-law do before their husband's mother arrives to spend eight days at their home.

I dusted. I used pledge. (I had to buy a can. Do people still really use pledge?)
I washed walls. (I'm serious.)
I threw away dead plants.
I used a brush and scrubbed our strollers clean. (They were really dusty and dirty. We live in a dessert desert. I'd like to live in a dessert. A chocolate one.)
I re-organized the girls' drawers and cleaned up their closets.
I cleaned the guest/girls' bathroom and made room under the sink for the ladies' grandma's Vera Bradley accessory bags.

And I'm not done.

Why am I doing this?

Because I must. It's just what you do.

I clean for the same reason I will forever call my Mom's sisters, "Aunt So-and-so" even though I'm old enough to call them by their first name only.

It's respect.

And in the same spirit, I will march on and continue cleaning.

For generations daughters-in-law have been cleaning for their MILs and I must do the same.

I'm cleaning out of respect.

And truth? I have a ridiculously easy-going and awesome MIL. I'm truly excited to see her and I know she doesn't even care about our house; let's be honest, she's here for the girls... not to judge. She's awesome. And better yet, the girls LOVE her and are so excited about her arrival. And BEST yet? She's watching the ladies while Craig and I get away this coming weekend for our anniversary.

So, onward I march. Cleaning.



  1. We use pledge every week :)

  2. I do the same thing. It is truly amazing the amount of cleaning i can look past until i realize that a family member is coming to visit! My husband doesn't really understand the concept. I just give him the stink eye and a scrub brush...

  3. What is pledge?

  4. Well since my MIL (or any of T's family for that matter) cannot seem to make the 20 minute drive up to visit Henry or us it is not a problem at our house that we have to clean for her. (insert eye roll)

    However, good for you! I WOULD do the same thing.....well not wash the walls :)

    And I am old-fashioned and love pledge. Have 3 containers. One for electronics, one orange and one lemon. However using pledge is a different story as I hate cleaning!

  5. Having her not here gives me the panix. WHAT IF I NEED HER?? WHAT IF I CAN'T GET ATHENA TO SCHOOL?? AAAAHHHHH!


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