On sisters. Birthday edition.

10/29/2012 05:08:00 AM
Oh, oh, oh, I love today.

Not because it's a Monday -- because Mondays aren't usually all that amazing. But this Monday is different.

It's my little sister's birthday.

TARYN! Happy birthday. It's a milestone birthday! Much like your sixteenth birthday. (See below. You're welcome.)

You. Me. Circa 2003.

Ah, I remember when Mom went to the hospital to have you. I remember being dropped off at our Aunt's house thinking, "The next time I see Mom there will be a BABY in our lives. I WILL HAVE A BABY!"

And, it was a girl! YA-WHO!

You see, I never thought of you as her baby; I always thought of you as mine.
And, sweet sister, all these years later, you're still my baby sister.

The only thing that's changed? Well, you're grown up. You have a beautiful family. You're not exactly a baby anymore, are you?

You're strong. Beyond measure.
You're intelligent.
You're beyond witty.
You simply have the most beautiful smile and quite honestly the most fantastic laugh.
It's the same laugh you had as a toddler, as a kid, as a teenager -- and it makes my heart happy.
And, it doesn't matter if you're taller than me when I hug you, because I will forever feel that you're my baby sister. You're mine to take care, to love, to cheer on, to make laugh, to be sisters with.

Your strength, love and support amaze me. You are truly one of the finest people I have EVER known. Your uncanny ability to see beyond yourself; to empathize and to love is astounding. You deserve every good and precious thing that could ever happen to one person.

I love you to the moon and back 3 bajillion times and most of all, I am SO PROUD of you.

This woman you have become? Sister, you are an INSPIRATION.

No one is more happy that you were born than I am. (Well, maybe Mom.)

I love you baby sister. Happy, happy birthday.


My beautiful sister and my adorable nephew, Eli.
Photo by Shaila Johnson.



  1. Happy Birthday to her! I love this. Makes me picture sweet sisterly relationships for my ladies :)

  2. Look at you with blond hair. You are both adorbs!

  3. Two posts in a row, Ky? Tears.

    This is so sweet. What a gift you have her.

    Happy Birthday to Taryn!

    That photo of the two of you is fabulous!


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