On Marriage. Nine Years.

10/25/2012 04:08:00 AM
This hangs in our bedroom.

So let's talk, "happily ever after", shall we?

When you're a little girl, often times at ONE point you dream of princes and horses and pumpkin carriages and poofy wedding dresses and then of course, riding off into the sunset to be a "Your Majesty."

Those are fairy tales. And life isn't a fairy tale, right?


So, back in 1997 I met a guy. A really cute, really great guy.
He liked me. I liked him. So, we got married. (Six years after we met.)
I wore a [slightly] poofy dress and afterwards we rode off into the sunset to our happily ever after...

And, since this is REAL life, our happily ever after could actually be substituted for myriad of adjectives...

"Joyfully ever after..."

"Frustratingly ever after..."

"Excitingly ever after..."

"Chaotic-ly ever after..."

Our ever after has been a little bit of everything... and I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for that.

That guy I married? He and I bought a home together. Landscaped together. We had that dog whom we loved more than anything. (We love you, Nattie.) We lost some jobs. We gained some jobs. We experienced loss and grief and heartache. We moved to a different country. We gained another dog. We had a baby girl. Then another baby girl. Life. Elation. Living. There's been a lot of good stuff.

But most importantly, there's been a marriage. A trust. A commitment.

Now, I'm a huge believer that those who scream the loudest about how AMAZING their marriage is; how INCREDIBLE their significant other is; how BLAMELESS and PERFECT their situation is... Those people are merely screaming that loudly so that they can convince themselves how awesome their marriage is. Delusional. Nobody is perfect. No marriage is, either.

You see, I believe that a marriage that's sound and strong and incredible and rewarding is worked for.

That's it.

It ebbs and flows. It has high moments and low moments -- and all of these occurrences; the collection of life experiences, they're worth more to me than front row tickets at a Lionel Richie concert. (Amen.)


Dear Craig.
Nine years of marriage, mister.
I love you more than I did that day.
I'm so proud of this thing that we've built.
We've done good, my Baby Daddy.
This "ever after" we created... oh sweet man, this life is good.
Thank you for being honest and true and incredible.

I love you far more than words could express. You, my dear, are still my everything.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Happy Anniversary, Craig Ross.



Read the story about how I met Craig 15-years-ago here. With some wedding photos. :)



  1. happy tears for you! love you both and love that you are "Kylee and Craig" but that you are your own people. you inspire me more than you know. much love and happy "ever after", 9 years and counting!

  2. And now you've made me cry. This is just beautiful. So beautiful.

    You two are good ones. . . the real deal. The world needs more "Kylee and Craig's". I'm so thankful to know you both. So very thankful. Both of you have impacted my life in some major ways and I'll always be thankful.

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your love story with us. Such a wonderful story it is. . .

  3. Congrats to you both! Love you so much ---- I also love that you can put this into words, it fails so many of us. I cannot open your link to the photos and story. It is telling me that "I do not have access," to which I was like, EXCUSE ME! I am friends with Ky and Unco C in real life, pre-blogging so I GET ACCESS!

    Congrats, love you - here's to many more years. xo

  4. Aw, thank you. :)

    And retry the link. You TOTALLY GET ACCESS.

  5. You're too kind. Thank you. And we're thankful for YOU, too.

  6. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU. Thank you for this sweet comment. :) Hugs.

  7. And it continues to only get better. Love you.

  8. I love you guys. I'm so glad your're CraignKylee. I'm so glad I know you. Happy happy happy anniversary MONTH.

  9. happiest of anniversaries, you two. you're the real deal. :) but more importantly... you have BIRDS hanging in your bedroom?? i stand amazed.


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