Life lessons. (Not a "woe is me" post. Seriously, it's not.)

10/14/2012 07:54:00 PM

I feel like I'm getting some huge life lessons in perspective these days.

Last Monday my empathy went into over-drive. Something happened, not to me directly, but it affected my heart. I feel for someone more than words could ever express. I have a heavy heart.

The event, this tragedy... it put life into perspective.


Then my computer: Dead. Again. For the second time.

But, my family is healthy, I have a job, I have Apple Care that expires in just over two weeks.



Then silly as it may seem, I wrote a post two weeks ago... one I'd been crafting and perfecting and spending far too much time on... one that I was excited to share. It was about being a Mom. And the not-so-great moments... I wasn't ready to post it right after I had written it, I had been holding on to it until tonight.

I was editing it and then something happened with the old computer I'm working on and BAM! The draft? Gone.

Not auto-saved.

GONE. Seriously?

Heavy sigh.

All that work... all that thought. Time is at a premium these days.

Then, I open my email and read an email from someone very, very close to me who is going through a health trial -- one that I hope to never have to experience.

What's more important? My post or her health?



Ah. Life.

Thank God for perspective.



  1. It's what life is all about, right? Perspective is everything. . .

    Love you.


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