Ladies Lunes. Where'd this month go?

10/08/2012 04:08:00 AM

It's been nearly a month since I've written an official, "Ladies Lunes" update. 

These ladies. Oh these ladies. They're too much.

Life doesn't slow down. It keeps marching on. (Can I get an amen?)

For some reason, I haven't been inspired to take photos lately. It seems that life just happens so quickly that I don't have time to grab my camera. But I'm back in it to win it.

So, I'll delve right in with pictures.

So my daughter [De]Lila[h] is a painter. She loves to color; use markers, crayons -- you name it. I'm sure this is super-common among toddler girls, but there's an intensity here that I attribute to her Daddy.

She uses one brush per color.

It's her way.

Look at those baby fingers. 

 That giggle.

And then there's this one.

Really, are there any words?

Only Vivienne could rock a pineapple swimsuit

The one on the right put a headband on. So the one on the left did so, too.

The one on the right kept her shoes on. So the one on the left did, too.

The one on the right grabbed a bucket and brought it into the pool. So the one on the left did so, too.

Lila has a little, cute shadow. For sure.

It's truly astounding how this sibling thing works.

So in our house, there's flying...

And candle blowing...

(Please note the bracelet and necklace.)

 And dressing up...

And there's singing, too.

And sitting and just being.

And, there's a lot of attempting to get pictures of two little people looking at the camera at the same moment.

And in this house there's a lot of this.

We call them, "teachable moments." Right now our emphasis is in sharing.

And not losing it.

Vivienne's score is actually -23.

Really? She's on the phone and giving a concert.

Lila thought it was who-larious that she kept throwing a towel on Vivi during her concert.

Vivienne didn't think it was so funny.

That smile.

 My baby is growing up. Oh, Delilah Lila.

So, this kid?

She looks like me.


This is the picture.
This is the picture that I had to email to my family members to ask, "Tell me, does she look just like me?"

Because I didn't know me as a toddler, but this looks like me when I was a wee one.

I don't think this one looks just like me, but I love her... oh, I love her.

So that's all for now.

Have a good week, everyone.



  1. ok, wonderful pics all around, but the NOT sharing one. oh, that one is amazing! i love the smug look on Lila's face and poor little Vivi's emotions. if aliens came down and asked about how siblings at this age relate over toys and such, we could use this picture to describe it. awesome. hugs all around! love, miss

    p.s. - your commenting system is AH-MAZING. i love it.

  2. I love sisters. Love them to the moon and back. I never got to experience this stuff as a kid but I sure am enjoying watching it now.

    The not sharing picture made me laugh. Hard.

  3. I know, right? I know you understand the coolness of sisters. Love it.

  4. OH! I'm so glad you like my commenting system. :) (Do you like that that's the first thing I responded to?)

    :) Tee hee.

    Yes, the sharing thing is an issue. It usually is an issue about 40 times a day.

  5. I love this post. My favorite is the not sharing picture. We have the exact same struggle in our house, but it is often times the other way around. Lily refuses to share anything. To the extent she will pick up an entire dollhouse with 8 figurines and carry it all into another room if she even senses that Gracie is coming her way.

    I fear your picture is what I have to look forward to as Gracie becomes less distractable...

    So cute. Seriously - love the photos!

  6. Steffany (Sassytimes)11:44 AM, October 08, 2012

    So, your commenting system hates me. I registered before and I claims my email is not valid and when I registered using a different email, it deleted my comment. Of course, I am half awake, multi-taking and can't remember what I wrote...

    But, I love the sibling rivalry. The fighting, the power struggle. It's SO my girls. It makes me laugh how they will do anything and everything to bug the crap out of each other at times. ;)

  7. Now this was just fun. These pictures are really, really great. Every single one of them. So fun!

    Vivi's eyes. That's what it is. Those huge almond shape eyes. They are so captivating.

    I love all the faces of Lila. The serious look. The content look. The sweet look. The "i'm not real happy" look. It's amazing how expressive she is and how her expressions change her whole look.

    Seeing the two of them in the pool together nearly brought tears to my eyes. I'm just imagining them years and years from now talking on the phone, shopping together, crying on each others shoulders. What a happy thought. What a gift you have in these two lovely ladies.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. Just beautiful.

  8. Fun post! Love the pics! Can totally relate to the sharing thing - as they say, that picture is worth a thousand words.
    Anna D-S

  9. Precious pics Kylee! Thanks gor sharing! Its amazing, almost eerie how much our girls have in common, or maybe all toddler girls (who happen to be about 2 yrs apart) experience the very same things? Ava has the same tink bathing suit as Lila ( she pointed out herself) and we have the same pink/purple/ green toy bins she alsodo noticed.Most similarly though we are having a hard time w sharing as well, and Violet is losing the battle by a landslide!


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