Katy Perry used to bother me.

10/02/2012 04:08:00 AM

 When Katy Perry came out with her first single, "I kissed a girl" I was ridiculously annoyed. Not because I have a beef against lesbians or because I care who is kissing whom, but because I thought, "Oh great, another pop tart with another stupid song written by someone else that's been perfectly crafted to fit with whatever image the record company has designed for her."

(Judgmental much?)

I have to admit - her songs since "I kissed a girl" are catchy. But still, I've never bought one of her CDs or really paid much attention to her.

So, fast forward to when she and Russell Brand married. I kind of love him and I thought, well -- maybe she is a sweetheart. I'll reserve judgement. Still, I bought none of her CDs.

How is any of this relevant to this post?

Craig's buddies are in town and I've had some time on my hands in the evenings. So, on Friday night I rented the Katy Perry movie on AppleTV feeling pretty confident that Craig wouldn't be bummed that he missed it.)

[insert any mocking here. I can take it.]

For those of you who haven't seen it (all of you?), it's a documentary-style film about Katy's year-long, world-tour. It follows her, shows music/concerts, interviews with her family (who tour with her), her manager and other key people in the Katy Perry machine.

My observations after watching the movie:

1.) That girl works hard. (And she didn't just start working hard. She's been working since forever.)
2.) She's normal. She's a normal person. She's not always gorgeous, her body isn't perfect, she's normal.
3.) She writes her own songs and actually plays instruments. (Bravo.)
4.) She can't really dance. (Which is ok since she's an actual songwriter and instrument-player, if you ask me. It's refreshing.)
5.) She can sing. I mean, she really can sing.

So as the movie credits were rolling, I was thinking -- I like her. I really think I like her.

Then I'm thinking, but she sort of dresses so badly. So tacky. Boobs ALL THE TIME. Ridiculousness. Do I really want that example for my girls?

Then I thought.

Yep. I do. Because she's another example of a woman out there working hard and doing her own thing. And that's ok. And that's to be applauded and supported.

We women judge one another far too often and I want to do all that I can to encourage my girls to respect all women.

We're all in this together.

So yeah, all that said. Go, Katy Perry. Go.



  1. rock it, sista! i've admittedly never given much thought to katy perry, but the minimal attention i had for her was much like yours--negative. love the point you make here. thanks for sharing!

  2. I have liked her for a long time. I think the fact that she is a preacher's daughter intrigued me since I grew up with so much religion too. My kids LOVE her songs and we listen to the radio (PG) versions. I love me some Katy Perry!

  3. I hear you. I'm a judger, too, especially when it comes to women who appear to be making questionable choices and/or portraying am image that I don't identify with. I agree with your hard-working woman/being who she is analysis, however, I think Katie Perry is also totally playing the sex-symbol act (BOOBS/lyrics)... soooo, I dunno. Maybe I should watch her movie.

  4. Thanks to Athena, I've been paying attention to Katy for a while now. I've actually been intrigued by her documentary for a while and Athena keeps begging me to On Demand it. Athena desperately wanted to be Katy Perry for Halloween and the ONLY reason why I made her choose something else is because I know she won't wear the wig.

    If you'd like some video of Athena doing Katy Perry, she's happy to send them.


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