Help. Vote. Which sandals?

UPDATE: I bought the boa ones. :) Thanks, ya'll.

I need some black sandals for work. (Yes, I know. I wear open-toed shoes to work. 'Tis because I live in Cabo and there are some perks for living on the sun. However, what I wouldn't give to wear a comfy sweater and some great boots right now... The grass is always greener.)

Which one do you like?

I'm leaning toward option #1. Not sure if I can handle all that shine on Option #2. Thoughts?

Option #1 - Snake skin (See here for more views.)

 Option #2 - Patent leather / shiny. (See here for more views). It's the same link as above, just select "black patent 2."

 Vote here please:

Which black sandals
Option #1 - BOA
Option #2 - Patent & shiny

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Thank you.


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