Ah, Mexico.

10/05/2012 04:08:00 AM
First off, I could easily write 3,000 posts named, "Ah, Mexico." I mean really. There's far too much material here.

So, I'd like to share with you some items I've recently encountered in the country of my residence: Mexico.

First, the tissues that are located in my placement of employment.

(Don't they look luxurious? Yeah, if "luxurious" is a one-ply paper sheet.)

I smiled when I saw them.

They're "PurEmotions" brand. I love it.

Who says there's no room for feelings in the workplace?

Next, I was looking in a product catalog for some stuff and ran across this.

Ah, kids - a transistor SHOWER radio?

Stop it. I love seeing that these things still exist.

But the question is, who still uses these? I'll give 8,992 points to whoever still enjoys a FM radio shower.


And my favorite, the Mad Men inspired Honda cigarette holder.

May I communicate to you that the product catalog where this is currently available is actually from this year.


It's 2012. Smoking at work isn't so much acceptable these days...

Ah, Mexico.



  1. I'd like my 8,992 points, please! I listen to the radio in the shower every morning! I cannot start my day without a weather forecast! :-)

    Before I moved, the traffic report came in very handy, too.

  2. i also have a radio shower at the house where i live part-time (with my adopted/second family)!! it's IN the shower, waterproof and everything. not just a boom box outside the water area!

  3. The cig box is amazing!

  4. As my wife pointed out we have a shower radio. Unfortunately it is always on the country station.


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