A tale of my second soaked computer.

In September of last year I spilled a titch [a cup] of hot water [tea] on my laptop. (See here.)

I attempted the rice trick. It didn't work. (It does work with cell phones, though.)

This computer assault was a big deal for me because there was no mac store [insert gasp] at the tip of the Baja.

Shocker, no? Not really. I mean, we don't even have a GAP.

So, last year I pulled out my brick (see below) and thankfully used it for a few weeks before we flew back to Ohio for an already-scheduled trip. It's a little heavy. A little dated. A little slow. BUT IT WORKS.

Macbook Pro, circa 2006. Enjoy that old mouse, too on the right. And enjoy that pic of Ferg in a SWEATER on my desktop.

After a ridiculous MESS at the Apple Store in the States (they shipped back my "fixed" computer with the wrong size hard drive and a CD drive that didn't work so it had to go back again before we flew back to Cabo) - it all worked out.

Enter today, Saturday, October13th.

I'm sitting on the couch at 3 p.m.
Glass of milk [I know, I'm 12. I can't help it. I like milk!] on the arm of the couch next to me, half-eaten sandwich on a plate to my right.
CLOSED ORANGE LAPTOP gently sleeping a few feet away on the chaise part of the couch.

Vivi starts crying. Profusely. I go to her room to get her. While I'm in there, the little jerk below jumps on the couch to eat my sandwich and while I'm in Vivienne's room I hear it:

Millie. The sometimes jerk.

I hear the glass clank as it falls to the floor.

I throw Vivi in her crib, [I wish I was joking] run into the living room and see it.

Milk ALL over the couch, carpet and... my closed computer.

I immediately grabbed it, tore off my orange [of course it is] protective cover and wiped it down, unscrewed the back of the computer and set it up by the fan [much like last year at this time.]

My annual computer-drying attempt.

The good thing? No liquid dripped out like last year. I took this to be a good sign. I mean, the computer was closed. That's got to be a safety measure, no?

So, it sat in front of the fan. I waited.

While I waited I grabbed the girls big, spongy, pink iPad and priced out a new computer -- only about $5k. Eek, just what I want to spend right now.


I tried to start 'er up. The light went on! The grey screen! Then ZAP. Done. It did this over and over again. Zap done.

SO then I remember that in the past few months an authorized apple dealer showed up in Mexico. Like a real one. Not one of the "authorized" apple dealers who have been here before that steal the apple logo and set up shop with a bunch of hot items. This guy actually lived in the States and knows what he's doing. I call the shop: closed.

I call the guy directly, Guillermo, on his cell. It's 5 p.m. on a Saturday. He says, "Yeah, if you want... you can bring it to me. I'm happy to help you!"

Stop it. On a Saturday?  You're "happy" to help me?  I mean, it's Saturday. [But, as stereotyping would allow, it's really no shocker that he doesn't have plans tonight. But then again, it's Saturday night at 11:04 p.m. and I'm blogging... So, that makes me just as cool as Guillermo.]

So, off Craig went with my computer to meet Guillermo in a barrio in Cabo San Lucas.

As it turns out Guillermo lives with his parents WAY out... so way out that iPhone maps don't work at all. Craig had to find him. Pick him up. [His car's in the shop. Of course it is.] Take him to his store. And then sit there while they looked up my computer's history and he tinkered.

As it turns out, my AppleCare expires in 19 days. NICE timing, Millie. Maybe you aren't a little jerk...

And sweet Guillermo also says that all of my data is there and he can save it. [I'm not too worried, though - I'm a time machine FANTATIC and I backed everything up on Friday. If you're on a mac and you're not using Time Machine to back up your computer to an external drive -- you.are.nuts.  USE IT.]

So Craig gets home THREE.AND.A.HALF hour later [BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD] and tells me that he was really impressed with Guillermo and his legitimacy. So I text Guillermo to thank him...

This sweet, sweet man... whom I disturbed on a Saturday, is going to try to get me a new computer.

He already sent me a status update and logged my problem into the apple system. He's hoping to have some sort of response for me by Tuesday.

This may seem like no big deal to you -- those of you who live in the States, 30 minutes from a mac store. But for those of us who are an $800 plane ticket from buying a $5000 computer -- this is a big deal

I'm so pleased. So pleased.

Just wanted to share.

If ever I have a third child, and he's a boy, I shall name him Guillermo.


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  1. WHY DON'T I HAVE A GUILLERMO?!?!?! My poor wet laptop is about to be sold for parts.


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