TV laden with far more emotion than I can handle.

9/26/2012 08:32:00 AM

No blogging last night. I was too busy crying over Parenthood.

Anyone else watching it? (I know you are, Wrestling Kitties.)



  1. I am watching it tonight, but based solely on the preview last week (and now your post) I KNOW I will cry. Was it too much? I will email you after I watch it.

  2. dude, i was all about parenthood until last week's episode. when they showed the teaser for this week, i told my husband i was out. i cannot handle that kind of drama. i watch tv to escape, not to feel stressed out! i'm out. done. and i'm mad. i LOVED that show. :(

  3. Heather (Chicago Mom)11:08 AM, September 26, 2012

    Please tell me what happened? I used to watch that show but haven't this season.


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