My first experience with a BB Cream.

So this past summer when I was in Sephora a class-ring-wearing young lady with bright lime green eyeshadow and black pencil/glitter eyebrows offered to give me a little makeover.

Um, ok. Just don't make me look like you. (I didn't really say that. I thought it, though. Since we're being honest.)

I was in the store to buy more Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (LOVE. See here.) and the girl was aghast. "Why aren't you using a BB cream?"

I don't know. Because.

Glitter Brows told me the benefits of a BB cream: it brightens, it highlights, it has SPF and it will "automatically" (yeah, right) match my skintone. She also said that "BB" stood for "Beauty Balm" and "Blemish Balm" and something else. The whole point is that it's a multi-function cream with coverage and skincare benefits.

Still don't get it? Yeah, me either.

Still, I tried it.

(Of course I did!)

So, I have dry skin that's usually pretty clear (I'll have a huge middle-of-my-forehead-zit tomorrow after having written that). I don't like foundation and have used bare minerals for years. I like that it's LIGHT and doesn't melt off. For a year or so I've been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with an SPF on top of my neutrogena daily sunscreen. It never feels heavy and seems to withstand a full 90-degree day in Cabo.

Enter Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream. Cost, $39.00. (I think she sold me the most expensive BB cream in the store. Also, I've noticed after having bought this one that there are plenty of drugstore brand BB creams, too.)

After the Sephora trial-run with the BB cream and Glitter Brows I felt like there was something heavy on my face for the rest of the day. I hate that. But I did like the way it looked - it was dewy and as a dry-skinned girl, I sort of enjoyed that change of pace. It seemed to match my skin tone just fine and all was well.

After I got back to Cabo, I attempted wearing it again. It's thick. If you don't shake it up, it's watery before application. (Weird.) And the color definitely doesn't look like it's going to match your skintone when you first put it on. I'm fair-skinned but tan well and I think that this "one-size-fits-all" theory isn't necessarily apt in my case. In this crazy-intense heat, you could see the "tint" of the BB cream. As Craig politely told me mid-August during an outdoor meal: "You look like you're melting" Then when I pressed he just said, "You just don't usually look like that..."

:) (I love him.)

I haven't used the BB cream since then but I will give it another whirl this "winter" when the weather chills out a bit. Perhaps I'll try using a miniscule amount - maybe that will help?

At this point, I have more cons than pros. I'm back with my regular, light, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

Tell me, though - do you use a BB cream? What are YOUR thoughts?


P.S. I'm in the process of updating my "favorite things" link at the top of the 'ole blog. It includes my favorite baby/toddlers things and now my favorite beauty/skincare things.  Check back.



  1. I use the Garnier BB skin perfector cream. I like it, it's light and blends well. I have pigment problems, especially since being pregant, and it helps to even everything out.

    1. Ugh - I hear you on the pigment problems since being pregnant. I use a murad spot "serum" that has faded so much of my hyper pigmentation. I highly recommend it. (It's in my favorite things link on my main nav menu.)

  2. I HATE foundation too. Thanks for the review of this... sounds like it's not worth trying (for me).

    Yes, please update your favorite things... I need to reference the baby stuff!

  3. I've never tried a BB Cream. I've heard mixed reviews. I wear Bare Minerals too...I like a fresh face. What moisturizer do you wear under it? I am having trouble finding something *I like* that also works well with the BE mineral makeup and doesn't make it 'sticky' or 'cakey' going on.

    May I add that one of the things I noticed about you, outside of you being the cutest person I've ever met, was how flawless your skin is. Lucky lady!

    1. You're too kind - I noticed your gorgeous skin, too! :) That and you have the arms I've always wanted. :)

      I think that bare minerals is fantastic - I keep thinking I shouldn't be using it, that maybe there's something better -- but it works.

      Under my bare minerals I just use my tinted moisturizer. (And very little bare minerals.) At night I use Kate Somerville moisturizer. LOVE IT. It smells nice. I also really liked Hope in a Jar for a long time, but I really think they changed the formula and now it smells weird.

  4. Not sure if ya'll get Lou Lou but they did a round up of the top BB creams, drugstore and fancy pants department store brands. I decided to check it out and ended up buying the L'OREAL brand (their top rated), and I like it so far! Rounding out the list: L'OREAL Nude Magique 5 star, PUR 5 star (spendy), Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Vichy and Stilla all getting 4 stars. :)

  5. I, your skincare obsessed much older sister and possessor of over 4700 sephora VIB points have tried a variety of primers and BB creams including; Urban decay (eh), Smashbox Camera Ready (thick but good for night), Christian Dior's airbrush (awesome for serious dress up and photos), Perfeckt (my daytime go to at work last year)....recently, however, I found my absolute new favorite. It's a combination, of course, of Smashbox Primer (usually the green one, sometimes the pink one) and then....SARAH MCNAMARA's Skin Transformation.

    THIS STUFF IS STELLAR. It's the only product I've ever written a review on.

    Remember...the key to your BB cream is not to cover the entire face...only the areas you want to even out (T + inner cheeks for me). The primer helps even out the rest of your face.


  6. Ha love it..glitter brows! I had no clue what a BB cream is until recently seeing adds for the Loreal stuff. I have never worn foundation and rarely even put on powder anymore( who has the time?)and but one day when I want to resume a makeup routine I just may look into such a thing!


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