MexMo: Confused again. Shopping in Cabo.

In Walmart I ran across this lotion.

Note the fragrance, please.

That's "Tuna" lotion.

Yep. Tuna lotion for all my amigos for Christmas this year.  You're welcome!

(The "tuna" is a the prickly pear cactus. Lost in translation example #792.)


In the children's toys department at Mega I ran across this.

It's a plastic play microwave. I feel that alone is odd. But, still, there's more.

The microwave has a small plastic fowl inside.

Yeah, you shouldn't be teaching wee ones from an early age that they should cook chicken or turkey in the microwave. It's just not right.

Nor is this toy.

Sometimes I think Cabo is the physical manifestation of the island of misfit toys.



  1. I have always wanted Tuna lotion!!

  2. HAHA! I was totally thinking that mexico is where the misfit toys go when I was reading that :)

    I personally think the little bird in the microwave makes the toy awesome!

    Also, my cats insist you get me the "tuna" lotion.


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