Ladies Lunes: Sisters

Ah, parenthood.

Sometimes I feel for Lila in the way that all parents must feel for their first born.

In exchange for those 18.5 months that we showered her with only-child attention she must now "endure"  so much. She has a constant shadow at her heels; someone who usually takes the one puzzle piece she's looking for; hides the lid to the tea pot; knocks down her tower... or sprays her point blank with the hose.

She's pushed, pushed, PUSHED to her breaking point and then she does what we all do. She loses it.


[insert my smile]

Then Vivienne screams, "NO!" back 300 times.

Then Lila counters with another, at-the-top-of-her-lungs, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

I usually wait a few minutes to see how it pans out; if it starts to get violent (thanks to Vivienne, our resident brute -- see above again), I step in.

I'm being as cognizant as possible to discipline both girls equally. Vivienne is 19 months old -- she understands a lot, but there's so much that she doesn't get. Still, she's had a time out or two. And in all honesty, I can't say I blame Lila for just SWIPING something out of Vivienne's hands that Vivi had swiped from her just minutes before. It's gotta get old, right?

I mean, little sisters have a way of ruining things. They stomp on whatever it is that the big sister is playing with. They tear out the picture that the older sister is coloring on in the coloring book. They take the play-pots and pans that you're making an imaginary cake in.

Ah, but I'm watching and there's something far more fantastic at work here.

They're learning how to work together.
They're learning how to make one another laugh during stressful times.
They're learning forgiveness.
And sharing.
And giggling.
And negotiating.

I'm so glad there's two.

On to the pictures this week.

Vivi loves backpacks, bracelets and princess dresses.

Those eyes.

That's Lila wearing her swim cap. At breakfast.
Because why wouldn't she be?

Vivi's pigs in my flips.

That face.

First she leans in...

...and then she smooches.

My sweetie.

A while back Lila wanted this certain keyboard with microphone from Mega.
It was ridiculously expensive for being a cheap toy.
So I waited until it was on clearance.


She gets a little too close to the microphone.


Happy girl. (P.S. That's Lila's favorite dress. You'll see it frequently in this post.)

Vivi, who is currently super into wearing socks, likes to sing some tunes, too.

We went to a birthday party on Saturday and Lila, as always, was quite quiet at first.
She's a shy one, this Lila. 

Vivi isn't.

Vivienne's hair is really growing. :)

This child is so mine.

That's my look.

And, she's perking up!

(Please keep in mind it was 97 degrees outside.)

Loving the brincolin. (Trampoline.)


I didn't even POSE this. I look over and BAM! She has the hamburger hat on.

The love that Lila has for her cousins is beyond words.

This picture is blurry - but this is the look of CONTENTMENT.

Here she is playing and jumping with her cousins.

Also slightly blurry, but I had to share.
Rockstar #1.

Rockstar #2.

:) LOVE.

And look! We're all sort of looking at the camera!

Have a great week!




  1. OMG love those last 2 family photos!!!

  2. Steffany (Sassytimes)11:53 AM, September 10, 2012

    Oh my...I love these posts! They remind me SO much of my own girls. I love it. Vivi squirting Lila? The constant little sister getting in big sister's stuff and then big sister reaching her breaking point and all heck breaking loose....yep, that's our world! ;) And Vivi is SO MUCH like E with the bracelets, jewelry, hats, eccentric. And Lila is totally like Sophia...contemplative, shy at first...then, hilarious! Love it all. Your girls are such dolls....and that Vivi looks like a mini you. How awesome.

  3. AH! I truly can't get over how similar our girls are. Your description of Sophia ("contemplative, shy at first...then hilarious!") describes Lila to a TEE.

    You get it. :)

  4. Thank you, Heather! I just love when we're all looking at the camera. ;) It happens once in a blue moon, for sure.

  5. Oh your girls....your sweet, sweet girls! How can they be growing up so quickly?

    I love how different they are and how it is becoming even more evident in the pictures. It is so fun to see!

    The first pictures are fantastic. Seriously, that will be them for years to come :)

    Great family picture at the end.

    Oh, these pictures just make me want to hug your cute.


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