I will be watching The Voice tonight. I'm sorry.

9/10/2012 09:09:00 AM

The truth of the matter is that I quite enjoy the blind auditions...

And Blake Shelton's personality.

And Adam Levine's "personality", too. (He is so cute.)


Plus, I always like to gasp at whatever Christina is wearing. You know, since she totally dresses for her body type and all.

I hope that this season Cee-lo has gotten rid of that cat he pets during the show and upgrades to either a cute, midwestern squirrel or an elephant.

I hope the show doesn't start to blow again as the season progresses. Last year, I just stopped watching it because it was a waste of time.



  1. I like the blind auditions too. Good concept. The second half of the show with the teams and the sing-offs or whatever... lousy. (I love Cee-Lo... but I didn't see that season with the cat. Dr. Evil?)

  2. I have it recorded and will be watching it with Terry this weekend. I love the show, though the auditions are better than the rest of the show. But still love it.

    Adam is sexy....you know in the totally arrogant, asshole way!

    And I love me some CeeLo


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