Hola? Whose life am I living?

The courtyard at Lila's school

So yesterday I drove to Lila's school for the beginning-of-the-year parents' meeting with her two teachers and the school administrator.

Picture it.

Lila's classroom

Me. American. Gringa.

Group of 25 parents. Not gringas.

Lila's desk and chair

The classroom where the meeting happens is hot. The air conditioning is quizzically not on. The windows are open and there is the slightest, slightest, teeniest of breezes. But none of that matters since it's 93 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and there are many of us in one room.

Lila's drawings.
Lila's artwork.

The meeting commences and the two loveliest of teachers begin explaining the year's agenda, curriculum and more... in Español, of course.

Matematicas, sciencia, etc.

The plant Lila waters everyday!

Hearing them speak about the English curriculum makes me smile -- keeping in mind that Lila is the only American/Mexican in her class with 100% English-speaking parents. This English curriculum is AWESOME for the others and I think it's incredible that these kiddos are learning English from such an early age. (Take NOTE UNITED STATES.)

The door to Lila's classroom.

Still, what makes me smile is that the students are learning their English words from two lovely women who speak English as a second language - they're 100% fluent, but that accent... that accent always sneaks in...

This would explain this conversation I had with Lila last weekend.

Me: "Ok Lila, count while we stir the cupcake batter, ok?"

Her: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SEEEEEX, seb-IN, eight, nine..."

Me: "I'm sorry, did you say 'SEEEEEX'? It's "SIX."

Her: "No, in Ingles it's "SEEEEEX".

Oh no.


The courtyard reminds me of a treehouse.

My child speaks English with a Spanish accent.
My child speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent.
I live in MEXICO.
My child goes to school in Mexico and her favorite friends are Salim and Mateo Lopez.
I just attended an all-Spanish parents' meeting - and I understood it.

So as I drive home and look around, I can't help but ask, whose life am I living?

I mean, I'm just a girl from northwest Ohio and I LIVE IN LOS CABOS, MEXICO and my children speak Spanish.


Life is too much sometimes.

I'm so glad I took Spanish in high school and college.



  1. oh man, i love this. the whole time i read it, i had "the days go by" by the talking heads running through my mind. :) alternate (awesome) universe! it also reminds me to look again at our immersion school options here ...

  2. SEEEEX! I love it. Do the girls speak Spanish pretty much full-time in school? That's pretty awesome. You know, that's setting them up for some great opportunities down the road... bi-lingual jobs & stuff. Lucky kiddos. :)


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