Have you had a hard time commenting on my blog lately?

9/03/2012 08:34:00 PM

 Tell me.

I've noticed that the CAPTCHA system has been TOUGH lately. On other blogs I've had to re-do the security passwords like 4 times before I can get my comment to go through.




  1. Captcha is my nemesis. I can never read them, and have to press the little arrows to get a new one a ton. I wonder if Blogger has any plugins or any way around it? Boo on Captcha.

  2. I have, and I noticed that even when accepted, my comment on the post about Lila's pool accident never went through!

    Have you tried using IntenseDebate or something like that for comments?

  3. I have to try several times to comment on your blog!!

    As for BB creams - I love them but I'm a total foundation girl!

  4. I have commented a few times...but they always seem to disappear...

  5. HAAHHA! I was thinking the other day ---- DO I NEED A STRONGER PRESCRIPTION? I can almost never get this on the first try.


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