Happy birthday, Brother.

9/21/2012 11:01:00 PM
Dear brother,

When I was a little girl, maybe 8-years-old, I drew you my rendition of a Fighting Irish mascot because of your love for Notre Dame and your high school's football team.

It was on a square, thick, yellow-cardstock paper that Dad got from work. I drew it in pencil and I remember using your high school football program as my guide. It had a lot of eraser marks. It wasn't perfect. Not even close.

I gave it to you...

...and you hung it on your wall.

You hung it right alongside all of your other cool posters and mementos.

You were a teenager; I was a kid. And you hung what I made you on.your.wall.

It's about 25 years later and this memory is still vivid. Why?

You made me feel special and you made me feel important.

Over the years, you continued to make me feel this way. Our Dad died and you enlisted in the army. You wrote me letters. You visited me on your leaves. You always made time for me.

You made me feel special and you made me feel important.

I remember about 9 years ago we were sitting at Nick and Jimmy's. You were considering moving to Cabo and we were talking about the future and about how we wanted our future-children to grow up together.

And, here we are. Our babies love one another and see each other almost daily. And better yet? I'm watching you with my daughters and I smile because you're doing it all over again; you're being you.

You make them laugh and giggle and roll their eyes at you. You tease, they smile. They hug you and they rest in your arms and they feel safe with you.

You're making them feel special and you're making them feel important.

My brother, you have a gift.
You have a heart that is bigger than most. You give selflessly. Tirelessly.
You protect. You love. You're loyal. You're quite frankly, awesome.

This is a milestone birthday, for sure -- and you should stop and reflect on this tough, beautiful, complex and incredible life you've had. Your professional and personal accomplishments and growth are vast. You've served your country like a boss. You've overcome circumstances aplenty -- and you've come out, marching, chin-up, head-up, on the other side. Dad would be proud, Bry. Seriously.

And you have much to be proud of; much to be thankful for. And so do so many of us for having you in our lives.

Brother, I love you to the moon and back and I am so very thankful and glad that you were born.

Happy 40th.



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  1. awww, so sweet. i'll tell you what, you really did luck out in the Amazing Brother department. when i sketched a horrible little Chicago Bulls logo thing for my brother, I think he threw it in the trash. ; ) and we shared a womb. i digress. your brother is a gem and this post is way better than Hallmark could ever do. ; )


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