9/28/2012 04:08:00 AM
Ya'll, I'm tired.
I'm working on a huge project at my day job and I just moved offices for the ninth time. My office is currently filled with no less than 10 boxes and at least 5 bags of stuff that I have no desire to unpack and organize.

I'm slightly exhausted.

So I'm cheating.

I'm submitting to you some pictures of my ladies in the hopes that you'll think they're so cute that you'll be able to ignore my lack of quality posts.


This is Lila. She is 16.

And, her braid there? That's my first attempt at a real braid. As it turns out, when I taught myself to braid 25 years ago, I taught myself incorrectly. (Thanks to my niece's hair-doing book that has shown me the error of my ways.)

So I'm learning and amigos? I am s.l.o.w.

I braid as quickly as a 5-year-old. Yikes.

She never knows that the glasses are upside down. And they are upside down every time.

My girl. My sweet, sweet girl.

Oh, how I love her.

And then there's this one.

Look at that face. Mischievous, much?

(And how cute is Ferg? I mean, she's smiling.) I LOVE YOU FERG.

Vivienne Kate is actually yelling [screaming], "CHEESE!!!!!"

Preciousness. Kindly note the necklace and bracelet.

And another random thing: I'm looking for Halloween costumes for the girls right now and ran across this one.

Seriously? What a ridiculously low-effort Dora costume, no? I smiled when I saw it only got one star and I question if it even deserved that one star.

Here: buy a big pink t-shirt, ugly orange pants/shorts and a chintzy purple backpack -- and BAM! You're Dora and are "ready for a Halloween adventure."

Pass. Boo.

Every little girl I know would be beyond disappointed if this were her Halloween costume.

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