Ah, vintage ads are too.much.fun.

9/20/2012 04:08:00 AM
I'll tell you what, the vintageadbrowser.com is dangerous... It's definitely a fantastic procrastination tool.

As your friend, I wanted to pass along the gift of procrastination to you. (You're welcome.)

Care to stroll with me down memory lane?

I remember nearly all of these toys. I believe I had the car, parking garage thing  And I stand by this statement: Jack in the boxes are TERRIFYING.

(Look how much copy is on this ad. Today that would never happen.)

I had this exact Shell setup. Legos are the FINEST toy out there. Still.

Michael Landon always reminded me of my Dad. (Look at that head of hair. Handsome.)

And I don't believe we were fancy enough to have this "pocket" camera with built-in flash. My Mom had a similar model with a tall flash that you stuck into a slot on the top. Anyone recall those?

I'm an Ohioan.
I love Ohio Art.
And when we were in Toledo this past summer I bought the girls an Etch-a-Sketch.
They weren't amused, but I was.

Play-Doh is absolutely timeless. And I love the way it smells. And I would spike homemade playdoh on the ground (right next to a homemade cabbage patch kid). Sometimes the only thing is the original thing. Yay, play-doh.

I would have CUT OFF MY FINGERS for that Strawberry Shortcake phone when I was about 8. But then you'd have to ask, who would I call when I was 8 and how would I dial without fingers?

Bill Gates has always just been so hot.

I could never stand Garfield. I blame his passive, indifferent, lazy attitude for my mild disdain for cats, today. I think I imagine that all of them are as vain as Garfield. And I could not STAND the way that Odie was always made to look like an idiot.


This pre-cursor to Words with Friends seriously does look so high tech for 1980. I love it. Best of all, I love the background in the ad. Hello other dimension.

Um. Fantastic. Harken back to an age when no one really cared about high fructose corn syrup.

Oh, how I miss Trival Pursuit. Fantastic Game.

And lastly, Poochie.

Anyone remember this? I ABSOLUTELY had that notepad.

And I absolutely looked more like the little boy in the upper-right-hand corner than the carefree little girl in the bottom left-hand corner.


Have a good Thursday, amigos.



  1. OH Em Gee. this post is amazing. totally hilarious. i remember Poochie and was OBSESSED with all of those products. no clue why?! the precursor for Words with Friends - hahahaha! and, you are right, so much copy for just one page. i LOVE that for some reason though. I always hated Garfield, too. but the fact that you blame your "mild disdain for cats" on him, is beyond funny.

    love you.

  2. This was SO fun! I think that first one is still at my grandma's house.

    I was not/am not a Garfield fan either. I think all our problems began with him.


    Thank you for this!

  3. I agree with your sentiments about Garfield - I never ever cared for him. Strawberry Shortcake was the most awesome. I will have to find old pictures of me during my SS phase. I was her for Halloween, I had a SS birthday, I had a rain coat and an umbrella and I remember my mom made me a SS bag for school!

    My home town (Bryan!) was where they MADE the Etch-a-Sketch! My mom worked for a time in the replacement parts department at Ohio Art. She mailed out replacement parts to broken toys. So cool. Now no toys are made there in Bryan. They're all made overseas. BUT! Spangler Candy company is still in Bryan - they made dumdum pops!

  4. You forgot to put up Holly Hobby dolls!! Remember those? I too had the Fisher Price Farm, House, and airplane. I remember them so dearly. I've always despised Garfield too. I love Strawberry shortcake - I can still smell her in my mind. Fun post!

  5. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Made my day!
    Anna D-S

  6. Love these!

    I bought some old food ads for like .50 and $1 each at an antique store to put in our kitchen. Have yet to put them up, but I want to get around to doing that.


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