Threaded commenting! Blogger Hints: How to change your blogger blog so that you can interact with readers

As a blogger I live for (dramatic) the interaction I have with my readers. Seriously, though - it's just fun to be able to reply back to individual comments. (THANK YOU, comment-leavers! I heart you!) I questioned changing over to WordPress for years because I wanted a better commenting solution and I was too afraid to use a third-party plug in on my Blogger blog. (DORK, say it.) Finally, though, Blogger came around in January and those of us holding out now have what everyone else has. (NERD.)

If you have a blogger blog and would like to activate "threading" in your commenting, follow along.

Now, this is only for bloggers using Blogger's commenting system -- for those of you using intense debate or some other third-party commenting system, this post isn't for you. And, for those of you with uber-customized blog templates, this may not be for you, either. (Sorry.)

So, get into your dashboard and then click so that you can make sure you blog feed is set to full. (What does this mean? I don't know.)

Settings > Other > and then "Full" from the "Allow Blog Feed" dropdown.

Next, check your current comment form settings.

Select, Settings > Posts and Comments and select "Embedded" from the "Comment Location" dropdown.


This should do it!



  1. Well, that was easy.

    Thank you!!!

    1. It is working..but I agree with others that it does create a situation of having to check back or get ALL comments and like S...I don't really want to be that much up in your business.

  2. My issue is: If I leave a comment on a blog and they reply in their comments using this 'threading'...I am not notified. So, basically, the person is talking to themselves or people leaving new comments. I don't go back and check their thread for a reply, so I don't see it. I have my email set up on my blog so that when I leave a comment, the person can simply hit 'reply' in their email to respond. It's my pet peeve that not everyone does this. ;-/

    What am I doing wrong? I don't see anywhere to subscribe to replies on my comment?

    1. That's weird that you are not notified. I'm notified this way. Do you have your address added to make sure you receive notifications with comments?

      Settings> Mobile and Email > Email posts to > fill in with your email address of choice?

      If that still doesn't work - I wonder if it's because you don't have a custom blog template?

      Let me know. I think this is definitely solve-able.

    2. I received this reply ONLY because I subscribed by email, per Jenn. Although I also got every single other comment by your readers and you. Sigh. Not that I don't love your readers AND YOU, but I don't need ALL the comments...that's kind of like eavesdropping and a little overwhelming to wake up to a ton of emails to weed through. ;) It would be great if I only got the comments that were a reply to MY comment. You know? Is that what you get?

      I do have my email set up, so people can just hit 'reply' in their inbox on my comment and it comes right back to me. I wish everyone did that.

  3. I did this before and love the feature, but I have a question/comment. It seems that if I do not click the "subscribe by email" in the comment section of your blog and some other blogs, then I do not receive replies. So I think people have to make sure that after they post their comment they click the subscribe by email to receive your reply. (I know on my blog people have to click that as well) Unless you know of an easier way? A setting on our blogs?

    I just recently started following your blog by email as I saw it on the side of your blog, so I am not sure if just by doing that it will show replies or just notify of blog posts.

    Just wanted to share that incase people, like myself, were wondering why they were not seeing replies/additional comments. Or to also see if there is another way to subscribe!!

    Thanks for the info, though! I enjoy this feature :)

    1. Hmm... that's interesting. So when I replied to THIS comment, did you get a notification in your email?

    2. Yep, I was notified. but if I forget to subscribe by email to each post then I won't get notified. My blog is the same way, I think....oh well! Still like the feature :)

  4. Uggg, this has never worked for me. It's so frustrating! I can't get it to work, although I allow a full feed of my blog and I embed the comments. WordPress seems to allow it to happen so much easier!! I enjoy leaving comments on people's WP blogs because it's just a couple clicks and I get notifications if the author replies to my comment. I wish it was easier to set it up like that on my blog. Poo. Maybe it's my template?

    1. You know what - I'm going to guess it's your template. :( Don't you think?


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