The travel day. Subtitle: I really should be unpacking.

In true Kylee-fashion I packed (ok, most of the day) on Saturday. It's always a jigsaw puzzle involving 3-4 gigantic suitcases, a box to send to the importer, random bags to be given to various people and a scale. :)

It takes patience and it's insane. And I hate doing it. (So does, Craig.) But I can't help it - I buy when I'm in the States. It's my job.

We end up with four suitcases -- 3 of which were exactly 50 lbs and 1, which was (naturally) overweight. All together our bag fees were only $130 USD this time. I consider that a success.

Moving on.

We got up around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday and wrangled the troops. We were on the road by 5:15 a.m. hearing Lila say, "We go see Millie and Fergie" about 300 times in the 35-minute drive to the airport.

After arriving at DTW and seeing our FOUR suitcases, a rolling carry-on bag, a HUGE Vera diaper/girls' bag, a double umbrella stroller, both girls and my purse -- we were like, "UGH. Let's do this. I guess."

Inside the airport, the lines weren't too bad and we dumped our bags semi-quickly and made it through the security checkpoint relatively quickly. Very little drama, thankfully -- aside from Lila not wanting to take off her hoodie and me telling the woman to just DUMP out the water in the girls' cups after she, at a snail's pace, declared that she needed to test the mysterious "liquid" in side.

(I understand that she was doing her job; but I'm sorry. She annoyed me. IT'S WATER.)

I know, I know -- I'm supposed to not have any liquids in my bags, but here's the deal: I forgot them. And guess what Transit Officials, I NEVER put my liquids in a viewable ziplock because I DON'T HAVE TIME. If they want to unpack my bag and find whatever they're looking for - so be it. It's annoying enough we have to get the girls out of the stroller, collapse it, strip them of their hoodies, shoes and STUFFED ANIMALS -- you can find my liquids.

Moving on.
Lila taking pictures.

The first flight to Dallas was fine. Easy, peasy. Lila was great; Vivienne was ok. She was sitting on my lap when I remarked to Craig how odd it was to feel Vivienne going the bathroom on my lap through her diaper; as it turns out, it wasn't really "through" her diaper -- she peed on me. On my white shorts. So that was fun.

It appears that when I dressed her early yesterday morning I forgot to actually fasten the right side of her diaper. Whoops. Vivienne 1, Mommy 0.

So, a quick outfit change later and we were fine!

Blurry pic of Vivi sitting on a tray table post-outfit-change.

Our flight arrived late to Dallas because of bad weather and we had approximately 18 minutes to race off the plane in Terminal A, take the sky-link to Terminal D, then get to our gate. As we were RUNNING to our gate, the American Airlines worker was standing near the gate yelling, "YOU'RE GOING TO CABO?" We answered "Yes!" and thankfully made it on the flight. We were the last people, in the last row. And the best part? Vivienne fell asleep when we were doing all of the airport running and she continued to sleep for about 2 hours and was only awake for 40 minutes of the second flight. Suh-weet.

Vivienne iPading.
 When we arrived in San Jose del Cabo, we were the last people to get off the plane but here's the fabulous part: because Lila and Vivienne have Mexican passports, we got to BURN through the ridiculous immigration line and go through the Mexican Nationals line. And then, since we asked a fella to help us with our 200+lbs of luggage, we moved to the front of the customs line, too!

We were out of the airport in 12 minutes. (!!!)

Waiting outside of the airport with our luggage.

The girls were EXCITED. (I love Vivienne's face.)
When we got home the girls were beyond excited to see Millie and Ferg. (So was I.) We ALL are happy. Yesterday the girls re-discovered their toys and I cleaned the utensil drawers. (I don't know. I just needed to.)

We're all settling back in and we're THRILLED to be home.



  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!! So glad you're home!! glad you made it safe and sound and with little to no major bumps. wish i would have been there to greet you at the aeropuerto (sp?)


  2. Though you are all incredibly missed here already, I am happy to hear that overall you had a great trip back and that you are HOME!! I love that feeling when you have been gone and sleep in your own bed and have your OWN things.

    (Vivi on the tray table = adorable)


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