The first day back.

We talked about it and talked about it... and today was Lila's first day back. New teacher. New classroom. Same school. Same shirt.

This face kills me. What? Is she 13?

And, I probably should have used a black marker. Oops. Live and learn.

The board says, "Lila's 1st day of Kinder 1A"

I finally got a smile. A crunk, Lil' John smile, but a smile nonetheless.

I'm sorry - but that hair? When did it get so long?

And, I wanted to put it in pig tails but she wanted, "long hair like a princess." Tomorrow it'll be "up on top like Tinkerbell" if I have any say.

You gotta use what you can to influence these toddlers. "You can look JUST LIKE TINKER THE BELL."

So then I gave her the heart I made...

...and she quickly put it in her pocket.

The requisite in-front-of-the-door pictures.


Then the in-front-of-the-school pictures.

(I sort of love this one.)

And then all was well and good until...


Picture taking abruptly stopped and hugging commenced. Then the peeling off of Lila as she sobbed and clung to my neck. I'll have you know it took both her teacher and her Daddy to loosen her grip as she SOBBED, "Mommy!"

I'll also have you know that I sobbed all the way home.

I looked at the clock 300 times to see if it was time to pick her up.

And when we did - all was well. :)

Here's hoping tomorrow is better than today.

Ah, parenthood.



  1. I LOVE the picture of you and Lila. It's just perfect.

    The one of her crying. . . made me cry. Oh, it is so hard isn't it?

    I'm glad the first day went well. Wishing you a happy send off today!!

    1. Thank you, friend! And I'll have you know that today she went to school WITHOUT tears (Craig took her - I couldn't risk another sob fest) and I picked her up and she was in SUCH a happy mood. :)

  2. A crunk, Lil' John smile?! OMG, I'm dying! LOL

    Love this post. And you look gorgeous, dear. :)

  3. Is it sad that I'm lusting after her shoes?

    1. Omg, me too. She actually had the size down and grew out of them and I went and bought these ones so that she could grow into them. I love them.

  4. I love the sad face! Clinging to C. So cute. Also - the orange dress is awesome.

    Why do we always pose in front of the door outside? I love it, but I don't understand where it came from.

    1. I KNEW IT! I saw it there and was in love with it. My cart was over my budget already. LOL.

  5. Fantastic. I probably have no less than 5 First Day photos where I'm making that same face she is in the first photo.

    Love the photo of the two of you laughing. And she's holding a plant! Perfect. Her hair is crazy long! I don't know what kind of water you guys have down there, but Stella's hair will probably never grow that long! Lila's is so pretty.

    Picking them up is the best.

  6. Kylee... A crunk, Lil' John smile?! OMG, hilarious.

    I love this post. And you look gorgeous.

  7. What an awesome post! Glad to see the smile when you picked her up! your dress is adorable!
    love, sal

  8. That orange dress is adorable on you!! And I love your hair. :-)

  9. Love this post!!!

    That first picture just made me laugh....we all have those pictures!

    The picture of her clinging to C. melts my heart and the picture of the two of you laugh is perfection.

    (We use to take our picture in front of the steps, with our dog!)


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