MexMo: Grocery shopping edition

Preface: I've lived in Cabo for six years now and the cultural differences on the Baja as compared to to my first 26 years in the midwest are vast.  For what Mexico offers in the way sensational beaches, warm people and fantastic fish tacos, they're certainly lacking in the way of grocery store inventory and overall product management and planning.

There are really so many pictures I could take every.single.time I go grocery shopping. Like for example how the Veet and other such hair removal systems offered to women take up seven horizontal shelves but you cannot find one can of ladies' shave gel anywhere.

Or, God forbid I crave canned green beans -- because they're not here. EVER.

So, in this edition of, "Shopping in Cabo with Ky"...

Lila brought this over to me when we were in Walmart. It was in the children's body washes/shampoo/conditioner section. I'm usually super-anal about body wash (I love Burt's Bees, right now for the ladies), but I was shopping with two toddlers and was like, "Yeah, fine... just PUT IT IN THE CART. Let's go."

It smelled wonderfully. As if someone bottled a little Disney princess, ground up her body, dyed her pink, added some sparkles and perfume and stuffed her in a plastic bottle.

 Kids, after I got home and Lila was ready to take a bath with her new body wash, I read the bottle.

"Gel modelador"



SERIOUSLY? Does this exist in the States? Because not until I moved to Mexico did I ever see such vast amounts of hair gel being sold and marketed to humans under the age of 5.

And I'll have you know the conversation with Lila explaining why she didn't need hair gel was not only comical, but lengthy. "No, but I do need it, Mommy. THERE IS A PRINCESS ON IT. It smells so good! Smell it, Mommy!"

Needless to say, it magically disappeared that night and was given away to someone who would use it.


Next, also in Walmart I passed through the candy section.

Please notice what's for sale on the BOTTOM shelf...


Those are matches.

I'm not sure if there's a wide population of of candy-eating kids who double as smokers here, but something seems not ok with having stacks of matches on a bottom shelf in the candy section.

Call me loca.


And finally, this one:

"Crackers for your dog!"

"Yummy" brand

"Chocolate flavor"

But don't worry - it doesn't contain real chocolate.

Why on EARTH would you want your dog to develop a taste for chocolate treats?

I mean, most dogs I know can totally discern the difference between good-for-them-chocolate-flavored snacks and real chocolate.


Heavy sigh.



  1. you can do whatever you want, since you're her mama and all, but seriously... lila could look *amazing* with a slicked-back-filled-with-princess-gel hairdo. you may have missed the boat on this one... :)

  2. Matches on the bottom shelf. Get it together Mexico!

  3. This is hilarious. I laugh thinking of your conversation with Lila about the hair gel. Really? Hair gel for kids? No thank you!

  4. On another note. . . it took me 5 attempts to get that last comment posted. . . apparently, I need my eyes fixed because I couldn't type the security words. . .

  5. laughing...out loud. ah yes, the entertainment of shopping in Mexico...and I grew up here! Still cracks me up. thanks for the laugh.


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