Loving this blazer.

8/24/2012 04:08:00 AM

So I bought this blazer and paid to have the sleeves shortened because it was apparently made for a giant... and I love it.

I don't plan to wear it with a black pencil skirt because I live in Cabo and that would be silly. And, let's be honest, I'll be waiting for December/January before I can actually wear it. (Hello living on the sun) - but I'm excited to wear it with my red jeans. :) It'll go with everything.

I'm loving all things black and white these days.



  1. Hey hey ! Be nice. I am that giant that jacket was created for and the sleeves would still be too short for me. ;0)

  2. I would have to get it shortened - rolling up the sleeves is annoying!

    Black and white is the best! Very cute.

  3. I am loving bold stripes and patterns now-a-days. That blazer is killer!

  4. Oooh...long sleeves? I'll have to check that out! I have long arms and everything is always short on me. :(

    My friend had a blazer like this last year and I LOVED it. You could dress it up or down. Can't wait to see how you wear it!


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