Ladies Lunes: School, messes and smooches.

So the first week of school is behind us. Day one, as you read, wasn't so great. The rest of the week? Perfect. Lila has come home beyond happy and oddly amped (not tired) and seems to really be in a good place. For a toddler. :)

So she has a gym uniform that she wears Tuesdays and Thursdays. Um? CUTE. But white? Really? First day of wearing it she came home with a HUGE raspberry stain on her skort-thing. That's probably my fault for packing them in her lunch, though.

Live and learn. She gets all white foods on Tuesdays and Thursdays henceforth.

(I love the way Vivi is looking at her.)
 She's still taking "my heart" with her to school, too. She asks for it. :)

"Um, wait! Where's your heart?"

Safe and sound.

Vivienne is missing Lila throughout the day, I think. When Vivi wakes up from her nap and spies Lila, they play and play and PLAY together for the rest of the day.

That would be Vivienne kissing Lila Pickle.

Ah, sisters.
Lila is crazy. I honestly think the tonsils/adenoid removal and the tubes were the BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE. She's a new kid. Her voice is clearer; the dark circles under her eyes are gone; she's HAPPY; she's not sniffling or coughing or congested. I kid you not, I think it's improved her quality of life.

Just a spot of tea outside in the courtyard.

Love Vivi's face in this one.

Then there's Vivi.

She's either incredibly easy-going or straight angry.

Her favorite words right now are "no" and "thank you". She also seems to be tending toward being a tattletale.  She points at her sister and accusingly yells, "LILA!!!"

"Did Lila take your toy?"

"YEAHHHH. Uh-huh. LILA." (more pointing)

Yogurt break.
She also copies absolutely EVERYTHING that Lila does. At the table if Lila sticks a french fry in a hamburger like it's a cake (it's happened), Vivienne does it, too.

If only she'd copy the way Lila eats. Lila eats everything. Vivienne does not. However, this past week she ate and enjoyed edemame and chickpeas. Suh-weet.

Ah. Life.

Here are a few more pics from the week.

Lila wants to go camping. Mom ain't campin' in Cabo when it's 98 degrees still. Let's be honest, Momma ain't campin' at all. Camping in the living room will have to do.

Happy sisters. Vivi is so excited to have inherited Lila's old "Ack-back."

Another day, another fat lip for Vivienne.

That is Vivienne.
And her hair.
And her belly.

She's fancy.

In Vivienne's quest to be Lila she refuses to take off Lila's old crocs. They're about 2 inches too big, but that does not stop her.

This happens in 8 minutes.

See Lila?
Exactly how I feel.

After this happened I tried to make "sorting toys" a game. Lila was pretty into it. Then Vivi went and dumped everything out again.

Those eyes.
That nose.
Those lips.

Where or where did my baby go?

Vivi lounging. She's getting more and more into necklaces, bracelets, hair things and especially tutus.

She looks like she's drinking a mai-tai.

Before school started I would run home and eat with both girls and stick around to put Vivienne to bed for her nap. Now, I can't since I pick up Lila in the afternoon from school. Tough to be three places (work, home and in my car) at once.

I think Vivienne's missing me. Here we are moments after I got home from work.

I usually hold her like this for at least a solid 5 or 10 minutes.

I won't lie, I'm sort of missing her a lot, too. (Hello, workingmomguilt. Oh, I've missed you.)

That's ok. I will hold her all night if she needs it.

Confession: this past week I've went into Vivienne's room after she had been sleeping and picked her up more than once and just held her.

Sometimes you just need to do that...



  1. seriously - the ones of the girls in the courtyard eating and drinking tea - they look like little old ladies! i LOVE it.
    Trophy Life/Miss

  2. I hold my kids like that for 5-10 minutes too every day. I need it more than they do. The working mom guilt is awful!!

    I'm so glad that the surgery made her feel so much better. She LOOKS happier!

  3. I'm SO HAPPY that Lila is doing so much better. I told you, having mine removed changed my life. Yep.

    I love the heart thing. I'll be stealing the idea next year for preschool.

    Vivienne's hair looks like it all of a sudden got so long! Love that flip in the back.

    Isn't it incredible how a baby/toddler head fits so perfectly between your neck and shoulder? They were molded for each other.

  4. Love it, so sweet! Glad Im not the only one to hold sleeping kids!

  5. Love the gym uniform!! Too cute!

    Glad you are seeing improvements since the surgery. The difference it made in our son was amazing!

  6. I'm drinking my coffee on the patio and man, you made my eyes sting and tear up! I pretty much love your blog because you make me alternate between tears and giggles in one breath.


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