Ladies Lunes: Rediscovery

("Lunes" is "Monday" in spanish. FYI)

This week the theme was rediscovery. The girls re-discovered their rooms, their toys, our home. I re-discovered my camera.

Lila is continuously cracking me up. She was having "quiet time" yesterday afternoon in her room and after a little while I told her that she needed to lay down and take a siesta. She didn't fight me at all [oddly] and when I asked her for a kiss before she took her nap she said, "No. I can't. My lips are grumpy. They will kiss you when I wake up, ok?"

Love her.


And then there's Vivienne.

Oh, Vivi. My sweet, crazy, daredevil, vocal Vivi's theme for this week has been, "No!" accompanied by screaming. And pinching. Vivienne Kate does not like to be told no. When she is told no, she promptly becomes irate. It's really something. In response, Lila rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulders and says, "Oh, Vivi."

Lila's on to something. "Oh, Vivi."

She's our Vivienne and she's saucy.

Love her, too.

Pics from this week:

On our first day back in Cabo Vivi put on Lila's tinkerbell PJ's and went outside to feed the mint and rosemary.

It's going to take a lot more water than that to bring those herbs back, can I get an Amen? (I ripped them out already. I'm ready to start anew.)

(I'm in love with that curl in the back of Vivi's hair.)

After the watering it was time for some Barney.  (The feet!)

The smile!

(P.S. I hate that rug and I'm so sick of it. We were only supposed to live in Cabo for like 2 years, so we bought it and were like, "Eh, we'll live with it." Six years later I am vowing right here that I will buy a new rug as soon as Vivi is potty-trained. No rugs are safe from potty-training children. So hear me on that: NEW RUG soon.)

Lila wearing a pink fairy costume, with a pink tutu underneath... holding a pink piece of chalk with her pink-painted nails.

:) My sweet girl. Wearing her Buckeyes flower clip for her Daddy on the left.

And, looking like a twelve-year-old on the right.

Vivienne now smiles when you tell her to. The picture on the left was her saying, Cheese!"

The one on the right? She's wearing ballet slippers and some sort of tasseled, lamae, mu-mu that is not covering up as much as it should. :)

So we have this thermometer that we don't use anymore and somehow the girls changed it so that it says out loud in a New York Accent, "Your temperature is 98.3 degrees farenheight," and so on and so forth.

Lila repeats it after her. "Your temperature is 98.6 degrees farenheight."

It's too much.

And occasionally Vivienne has something on her tongue and needs help removing it. Fuzzies, hair -- she's a human lint roller.

My ladies see opportunity in patterns.

My girls. [insert sigh.]

And this says it all.

Lila laughing uncontrollably. Vivienne making some sort of funny face that absolutely cracks her up.

And this is the reality of our situation.

And my favorites from the week:

My Vivienne saying, "CHEESE!"

And my Lila.

 Have a great week, ya'll.



  1. I can't say it enough...your girls are so adorable! Their personalities remind me so much of my girls. E is a firecracker too. As stressful as it is at times, I wouldn't have it any other way. I bet you feel the same about Vivi. ;)

    So, yesterday, we were eating cheese and Soph said, "Mama, you know who likes cheese too?" I asked who and she said "That little girl Lila from Mexico. She didn't feel good when she came to my house. I should have gave her some cheese." Umm...I died laughing. Does Lila like cheese? If she does, how the heck does S know that? And cheese to make someone feel better? Perfection. ;)

    1. AH! That is so funny. Last night Lila was in her room and comes out and says to me, "Just a little bit of cheese please?"

      I'm not EVEN kidding!

      Sophia knew that Lila liked cheese! She's absolutely right. :)

  2. SO VERY CUTE!! i cannot believe how big they are getting right before my very eyes! seriously. they are so adorable. i love them from afar.
    love, miss

    1. I was looking back at pictures last night. It's been far too long since you've been here. I miss you.

  3. Love these pics! Love them! (The Watermark is perfect)

    When I saw Vivi's little curl in the back I thought. . how adorable is that?! And then you mentioned it. I tell you. . . these girls are just precious.

    How did you add the reply thing in the comments? I'd love to do that. . .?

    1. Thanks, my friend. :)

      And this is for you:

  4. What beautiful girls! I love love love those last 2 photos. Frame them!

    There is nothing wrong with that rug. It's really nice. Send it to me. ;-)

    1. You're so right - I need to frame those photos.

      And I laughed when I read your comment about the rug. :) If I could, I WOULD! :)

  5. Oh, these sweet girls are beyond precious!

    I love their differences in personalities and how they have their own uniqueness!

    Lila does look so much older! You need to tell her to stop :)

    And Vivi in the blue dress. Um, SHUT UP. I about died!!

  6. CUTIES! Such little cuties! Love this picture-filled post.

    Curious about the picture watermarks - I've been seeing more watermarks out there on blogs and on Instagram lately. Did an incident happen that made you decide to include a watermark? I'm considering marking my photos too, especially photos of stuff I make. You can never be too safe, right?

    1. I too was curious about people using more watermarks on photos. The benefit/protection. :)


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