Ladies Lunes: Birthdays, rain, cake, grumpiness

I do these Ladies Lunes not to bore you, dear readers, but because time is flying by at such an incomprehensible rate that I must, I must record life.

So, this past week in a nutshell.

Lila with wearing off face-paint, wearing off Easter egg tattoo and her Daddy's eyes.

Then there's THIS smile. Why? Because of Vivienne constantly making her laugh at the table.

By doing stuff like this.

This week Lila made a "princess cake. I smiled when she offered me a "piece of Cinderella."

Vivienne eating yogurt.

Yogurt is all that Vivi will eat. I take that back, she'll eat yogurt and pancakes, bananas (we need a tree), cheese and pasta with marinara. She refuses beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, asparagus, chicken... EVERYTHING.)

This is new territory for us. TO THIS DAY Lila is still a phenomenal eater. What 3-year-old kid loves salad, red peppers and fish? Ours!

So Vivi is complicated but she has cute puppies. And she's talking so much more. I love hearing her say, "purple". It's far too cute.

SO, this was the week of the RAIN! It showed up the day before my birthday and hung around ALL day on my birthday. It was

Here are the girls in our courtyard.

Lila was cautious with the rain. Vivienne was not.

Be still my heart.

That face.

Vivienne refused to take off her wet clothes while outside. It was like 90 degrees and raining -- definitely not cold at all. They had so much fun.

Favorite eyes-closed picture of the week.

So I bought these little Adirondack chairs from Mega on clearance. I love them. I keep putting them outside and the girls keep bringing them inside.

Ah, sisters.

Vivienne has been so grumpy the past few days.

We're hoping that maybe it's a sign of her teeth FINALLY coming in. Take a look at the next picture. She's missing about 4 on the bottom row. (But we've had her mouth x-rayed when she chipped her tooth on her first birthday, so we know they're there!)

"CHEESE!" and my attempt at pig tails.

I love this one.

Have a great week, ya'll!



  1. So much fun to see them growing! I love seeing them interact. It gives me hope that my boys may soon start to act more like brothers.
    Big hugs to you all,

  2. Such awesome pictures!!! so so so cute! i also loved that it rained on your Birthday.


  3. They are so adorable!!!

  4. Beautiful girls! I don't think these posts are boring at all!


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