It's happening again.

I'm actually in pinterest recovery.

I took a four-month-long hiatus from Pinterst because actual life got in the way of me pinning about dream life.

Anywho, I'm back and attempting to control my addiction. In the meantime, please take a look at my niece Chloe's bathroom which is featured on pinterest. (Remember, this is my niece who lives here in Cabo.)

See all the pins here.

Gorgeous, no?

View from outside of the window into the bathroom.

How great is the tile? That chair?

Closet door closed, then open.

Loft above the closet.

I want to be Chloe.

My sister envisioned all of this. I think she did a **superb** job!



  1. Pinterest is kind of depressing. Chloe's bathroom!

  2. Whoa! She is one LUCKY girl. Beautiful!

    This is just like Pinterest because now I'm depressed. I will never have a bathroom like this... :( Poor me. Ha!

  3. Am I allowed to be envious of a young girls bathroom?!?!



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