Instagram Photo Explosion.

8/31/2012 04:08:00 AM
It's Thursday night and I've been busy finishing up some day-job work (boo) and don't have an overwhelming amount of time to blog. Nor did I plan ahead and have a post ready for today, so what does this mean for you? A very exiting Instagram photo explosion from this week. (How's that for exciting?)

You're welcome.


So this is Lila just seconds after I picked her up from school this week. She was pumped because I brought like 14 M&M's for her snack. 

The next day I brought a banana and she was IRATE.

This is my Vivienne. ;)

This is my sweet Lila again after a school pickup. I love that nose. If I squint my eyes she still looks like newborn-baby-girl-Lila to me.

This is just seconds later... smiling uncontrollably because she's Lila and therefore genetically wired to experience a gamut of emotion within any 15-second time frame.

This is me after work. No eyeliner, just mascara.

(That stray eyebrow is annoying me.)

This is my favorite instagram photo of the week. This is Vivienne at approximately 8:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. She wanted to wear ALL of that.

Yellow beaded necklace. Bracelets. White princess dress and pink tutu skirt.


Someone, please tell me how I can freeze time.


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  1. Freeze time. . . if you figure it out. . .let me know.

    I tell you. . . I love Instagram. Yet another connection to make you not seem so far away. I love all the photos. That last one of Vivi, though? Incredible!

  2. I echo Summer - if you figure out that special magic trick, please share. I could really use it over here.

    I got one of the million versions of baby advice/update emails in my inbox the othter day that had a subject title of "Your baby: 9-12 months - becoming a toddler" I refused to open it and deleted it immediately.

    Great pics Kylee... love them.

  3. The girls are adorable!! Great blog. We are thinking of getting active on Instagram as well. Keep up with the good work!



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