Happy Birthday, Written Permission!

8/22/2012 10:25:00 AM

Oh, friend. Oh, friend! I am so excited that today is your birthday. Most notably, I'm so excited that you are celebrating this birthday with a little sweet bundle of CUTENESS in your life.You are such a good Mommy. You're such a good friend.

Wait a minute, "good" doesn't even begin to accurately communicate your awesomeness. It's far too ordinary and boring. You're EXTRAORDINARY and deliciously funny. You're simply beautiful inside and out. You're the type of friend that actually blurs the line between friendship and family because it's just far too easy to love you like a sister.

I am so thankful that all those years ago we met, created far too many who-larious memories and have continued those today.

I simply love you and am glad you were born.

I hope that the day consists of Coblentz chocolate and an exceedingly loooong and quiet shower. :)

Happy, happy birthday, sweet friend.




  1. I know I told you yesterday, but it bears repeating: I love you. :) And I still can't believe we've been friends for FIFTEEN YEARS. That is nutso.

    Thank you for your sweet words, friend. My birthday was the awesomest. LOVE you!

  2. Oh, that WP....I can't wait to meet her :)

    (Hope you had a lovely birthday!!)


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