Fun little Toddler Purchases

I brought back these two little jobbies from the States when we were there and Lila is in lurve with them.

First, the faucet hand-washing-extender thing. (Actual name on Amazon: Aqueduck Faucet Extender. Check it out here.).

We actually bought it in pink (of course, we did) and it's so cool. At least that's what Lila says every time she uses it. It extends the flow of the water so that it's closer to little people making hand washing far more fun (and accessible with less armpit-cutting-into-the-counter pain) than it was before. It's only $11.58 and it's cute. It also comes in blue and also grey for those of you who are somewhat tired of all of the bright and colorful kid stuff that's out there. (I totally hear you on that one.)


Next, this handy dandy toothbrush holder. It's the "OXO Tot Toothbrush Station." And here's why I bought it: The girls toothbrushes don't properly fit into the holder that is permanently afixed to our bathroom wall and the toothpaste always tips over WHENEVER Lila touches it and immediately falls into the trash basket next to the sink. (This has happened 30+ times.)


This little handy-dandy "station" has solved that problem. It's no-slip and is easily-accessible and holds a TOM'S toothpaste and four brushes perfectly well. Do we need four toothbrush slots? Um, no. Two child-sized toothbrushers in my house is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Still, Lila loves to stick her toothbrush in the holder when she's done brushing and if I can encourage proper dental hygiene in any way, I shall do so happily.

It comes in pink, green, orange and aqua. Can you guess what color we got?

$9.99, amigos.  See here.

**Disclaimer: Nope, not compensated for any of these reviews. Personal experience is the inspiration. Not The Dollar.



  1. Our faucet in our bathroom is similar to the style that is created by that faucet thing you got. Well it was funny because our friends and their kids were over to our house and all the parents and kids said they loved our faucet and that it was easier for their kids. Dang-it for not patenting that idea!! :)

    Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  2. I seriously love when you do product reviews. I didn't even know this fabulous stuff existed!


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