Enough of the crayons EVERYWHERE.

8/15/2012 04:08:00 AM
I know we're not the only family with a ridiculous amount of crayons.

This is our before.

Seriously? FIVE random containers of crayons in a small house with two children under the age of 3.5?

So, since I'm on that crazy organizing, simplifying mission - enter this $1 bin from Target that I stuffed in one of our four suitcases when we came back from Ohio.


Fat crayons on the top-right.

All the others on the bottom.

Instant gratification for Ky.

This was pretty much my DREAM come true as a child, except I would have totally had them organized by color, shade and tip/point. (Remember, I'm also the same child who would count the # of items on the JC Penney catalog page and then give myself a percentage of the things I could circle to indicate that I wanted them. Ten things? I could circle 2 items. Maybe 3. I work well with rules and parameters.)

I kept all of the broken crayons while I was organizing so that I can melt 'em and make some sort of cool new shaped crayon thing. I'll look on pinterest. I'm sure there's something there that can inspire me.  Suggestions?

YAY color! YAY organization!

(I'm such a dork.)

Organized crayons = success in my world.



  1. Great idea!

    We melt the crayons in candy molds (fun shapes) or just mini cupcake pans. Add glitter and the girls think it's the coolest thing ever. ;) There is a tutorial somewhere on my blog...

  2. my friend has done candy mold crayon remnants and also those rubber ice cube tray molds (in shapes). Also, i can still smell the fresh pages of the JC Penney catalog in my mind. i LOVED that it came to the house and i got to earmark the pages with everything i wanted. i'm sad that this doesn't happen any more (for future generations.

    1. I knew you'd be one to have fond memories of the JC Penney catalogs, too. ;)

  3. NICE! (How long do you think it will stay that way?)

    Cool melty crayon art:

    1. Can you believe it's already been FOUR whole days and the crazyons are in the right portions of the holder? (Lila likes parameters, too. Vivi? Not so much.)

      Thanks for the pinterest ideas!

  4. Love this idea!

    I had a similar moment on Sunday with Lily's hair accessories. I bought two plastic compartment thingys from the $1 bin at target ($1 bin is a lifesaver). One is a set of three square compartments, side-by-side, and one is a set of five small circular shaped compartments that screw on top of each other to make a cylinder thingy.

    I let her help me and called it a matching game - we sorted every hair thing into piles by type/size. We then chose compartments for clippies, hair bands, etc. She was so proud and excited that we "organized" her hair stuff. Me? I feel amazing that everything is no longer thrown together in a Clinique makeup bag and it's no longer impossible to find the color you need or two clips that match.

    I still have to create a fun bow display hanger thing for her room, but one step at a time. I can at least breathe a little easier.

    It really is the little things!

  5. You can buy white wax and then melt the wax of both colouring them with the crayons. Then they burn super fast, which is super fun for a three year old.


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