We went to the Zoom.

On Monday we went to the Toledo Zoo. (Or, the "zoom" if you're Lila. I think the "zoom" sounds far cooler than the "zoo.")

We bought hats. It's been 3 days since Monday and I cannot find Lila's hat anywhere. How does this happen? I digress.

We didn't realize that entrance was free for all Lucas County residents. While that's nice, there were a TON of people there. Avoid free day, ok?

The ladies loved it. The zoo is awesome.

  • The polar bears 
  • The turtles (Vivi loves to say turtle.)
  • The elephants
  • The kid thing where you could walk in a stream with your shoes off 
  • The playground and the slides 
  • The camels. I had no idea there were camels at the Toledo Zoom.
  • The sandy beach area. (We came all the way from Cabo and my children's favorite part of the kids' area was the sandy, build-a-sandcastle" part. Seriously? We can play with sand at home.) 
 So there's the polar bear that Vivienne didn't immediately see.

Finally she does spy the polar bear... Notice the pointed finger.

Then, I love this face.

Vivi's literally saying, "OOOOOOHHHH!!!"

Lila's like, "Uh-huh. Next?"

  • Being offered the opportunity to touch a dead elephant's ear (Lila didn't want to do that. Me either.)
  • The aquarium. It smells in there and it's boring.
  • Lila wanted her face painted and there was a family of EIGHT in line in front of us. Um, we skipped it. Lila was angry. Bright side? She got a photo in an octopus.

Good times were had by all. However, no photo we could take would ever back that statement up.

Perhaps we'll all be looking at the camera by the time Lila and Vivi are 13 and 14.

This morning we went to the Imagination Station downtown, because let's be honest, we're trying to tire the girls out before nap time. The girls loved that, too.

Lila's favorite: grocery shopping.
Vivienne's favorite: anything involving wind.


Women be shoppin'.

Building some sort of water thing with her Daddy.

It's very important to weigh your green peppers, red peppers, artichokes, broccoli, melon and steak before purchasing it.

Neither ladies were good drivers.

Lila was listening to the baby's hearts with a stethoscope that I wanted to spray with my travel-sized lysol spray. Vivi was rocking the babies and saying, "Ooohhhh".

Good times, good times.



  1. That polar bears butt looks extremely large! lol The Toledo Zoom looks very nice! :) My daughter has an ap on her ipod called "Pocket Zoo" that has live video feeds from different zoos around the world and many of them are actually from the Toledo Zoo.

  2. YAY! Glad you liked it. Sad I was not here this day.


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