Toledo update. Everything's coming up roses.

Just in case you're not familiar, "everything's coming up roses" is an idiom that you'd say when every aspect of a situation has been successful.

I'm being sarcastic. There are no roses coming up here.

If I could use one word to describe our last six days in Ohio it would be this: illness.

I've been sick. (Thought I was going to die.)
Craig was sick. (He thought the same thing.)

This poor child.

And Lila, poor, sweet Lila... she's been sick since SATURDAY. The worst kind of sick, too. (I'll spare you the details.) Throw in a 102-103 degree fever yesterday and a 101-101 so far today...

...and her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. The one that we planned this whole trip around. The one that required 3 solid weeks before the ENT would ok her to fly back to Cabo.

[insert heavy sigh]

Such is life.

On a positive note, Vivienne is feeling exceptionally well.

Happy Independence Day!



  1. Awwh...I'd say welcome to Toledo...but I don't think that's really funny right now...I hope everyone gets better...and your plans work out!

    1. Thank you! We're hoping to see you while we're here!

  2. Kylee, can they operate on her while she is ill???


    1. I'm not sure. It will depend on her temperature and overall state of health, I'm sure. If they can't, we will reschedule.

  3. Oh no!! What an absolute bummer. Talk about crappy timing to get sick. I've so been there! Hope you all are feeling better.

  4. oh man this was sooo are trip to AL last month, our 2 year started his sickness decent at midnoc the am we left and vomitted as the plane landed, all downhill from there, fever, no sleep, means momma no sleep. I am so sorry,trust me last day there she will be soooo much better, and hey lucky you- going home never sounded so good! All the best!

  5. Oh my friend, this sucks....for multiple reasons. I hope Lila gets to feeling better soon, as well as you and C.

    UGH. So frustrating.

    HUGS to all of you.

    At least someone in your house is feeling well :)


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