They had me at "hullo."

So, have you seen National Geographic's, "American Colony, Meet the Hutterites?"

When C. and I first arrived in Toledo, we stumbled upon this show and were eerily sucked in. Who were these people? What language were they speaking? WHERE do they live? Is this current?

We had to watch more.

Essentially these folks "follow the major tenets of anabaptism, including nonviolence, adult baptism and communal ownership of goods." (All fine and good.) This particular sect of about 59 folks live in Montana and mostly all of them are related and they strongly believe in marrying other Hutterites and not "English" men and women. (Not fine and good.)

German is their first language and education doesn't seem to be a priority amongst the older generation and that has trickled down to most of the younger generation. (This really disturbs me.) They love to drink and party with red solo cups just like sororities and fraternities across the land and none of them own cars -- they have to ask permission to use the colony's cars.

More facts about them here.

My favorite character is Claudia Hofer. She's 19-years-old and is far more liberal than one would expect. It appears that she wants more than the colony can offer her, and in this situation, I think that's just fine. I'm curious to see if she leaves the colony eventually.

I also like Bertha Hofer because I think she looks like a friendly garden gnome and you know how I love the garden gnomes.

So, watch the show. Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Let me know what you think.

Is it worth your time? Probably not, but it's better than Ice Road Truckers.



  1. Oh my goodness! I totally want to watch this show. There are a ton of Hutterites here. We get our chickens from them!

  2. This is so creepy!! That photo of Bertha looks like someone did a computer aging affect to Claudia!! I am curious. I will check it out. I love stuff like this!

  3. I grew up near a Hutterite colony in Saskatchewan. We would get milk and eggs and I'm not sure what else from them. A lot of them were patients of my dad (who is a family doctor), so we sometimes got invited out to the colony. Good memories!

  4. I have never heard of this! I'm desperate for something new to watch over the summer I'll have to see if its available on demand!

  5. I have never heard of this, sounds interesting.

    And I agree, Bertha (love that name!!) totally looks like a gnome...heehee.

  6. I am a late bloomer to the show, however I am absolutly captivated by the members of Kings Colony. I am dissapointed to read there may not be a second season in production. I respect the views of Bishop John Stahl, but highly disagree with his statement "What was promised by the producers to be a “factual documentary” is in fact a distorted and exploitative version of Hutterite Life that paints ALL 50,000 Hutterites in North America in a negative and inaccurate way. Some may feel inaccurate.....but negative? Men tending to land to provide for family and colony. Men that believe marriage is for life. Mothers loving their chrildren. Marvin Hofer's comic relief (he cracks me up). How is this negative? I am embarrassed to admit at first glance I envisioned a cult like colony of inbred morons. Oh how wrong I was. How i wish there was some type of "Hutterite expierence" where you could expierence life as the Hutterites do on King Colony Ranch. Sign me up!!! Might not come back. Would love to have a cook off with Bertha and the ladies! cute is Toby Hofer!

    Much love to the residents of King Colony. I will miss watching the escapades of Wesley, Carver, Claudia & the the rest of the Hofer gang.

    dhise SLC Utah


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