Lila update

Today was Lila's 4th full-day post tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and ear tubes and it was by far [and away] the worst yet. The doctor told us that her recovery time would follow a bell curve; a few days of good, then slowly getting worse, then better.

I hope the "worst" has peaked.

Tons of crying, lots of mouth and ear pain and more crying today. :(

This is breaking my heart. I just keep thinking: "NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS in the future. We did this so that there wouldn't be more pain in the future..."

My poor baby.



  1. Oh my! I hope she if feeling better today!!

    I can't imagine how hard this must be for you and C! Sending my love to you all!!

  2. I HOPE today gets better for her. Seeing our babies in pain is torture. Prolonged pain? Even worse. I can imagine how draining this is for you and Craig as well. If there is anything you guys need please let me know. I am around all weekend and the pool is open if you think a swim would cheer her up :)

  3. Oh man! I hope the worst is behind you and she starts feeling better soon!!

    Really, Kylee, what a horrible trip home for you and your family with this surgery. I hope you are finding pleasurable times in between Lila's healing. :(

  4. Poor little Lila. I hope she gets to feeling better SOON!


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