Lila Update

7/19/2012 01:52:00 PM
**First off, before I delve into the details of our experience, I must say that I have so much respect for parents who must deal with serious, chronic, terrifying illnesses like childhood cancers, cystic fibrosis, etc. on a regular basis. Our little routine tonsillectomy and adenoid removal was nothing compared to what some children and parents must go through. Still, merely seeing my child in a hospital gown or teeny hospital PJs is almost more than I can bear. I can't imagine submitting my child for myriad of procedures, time after time, and listening to the crying and the pain and the fear in their little voices. BLESS those parents (and children)who go through this stuff on a regular basis. Our little procedure is/was nothing compared to what some parents go through and I just can't let their strength go unnoticed. 

Hats off, hats off.


I scooped the little lady up at 5:30 a.m. and off we went to the surgical center. I smiled because as we were getting ready, Lila, who was kind of still sleeping, made sure to tell me that she wanted to wear her sparkly pink princess shoes. Priorities.

When we arrived, Lila had only really known that she was going to the doctor. Each child is different and we knew that if we had pre-filled her in on what the plan was, it would cause undue anxiety. Translation: she would have lost it.

When we went to the ER a couple of weeks ago Lila lost her MIND when they put the medical, ID bracelet on her wrist and she had it off within minutes. This time we knew better and put it on her ankle.  She still hated it, but it remained on.

Next, we waited.

We changed her into some adorable scrubs. And they gave her a little pink pig that she named, "Doctor Little Pig" and we played with a little wagon that they use to take little ones back to surgery.

(Kinda blurry.)

When it came time to go back to surgery Lila screamed and cried out for me. And I cried. Not just a few tears. I couldn't speak. I was nearly doing the ugly cry. I cried for at least five more minutes while I sat in the waiting room for a ROUTINE tonsilectomy. (GET A LIFE, Kylee. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. They're TONSILS.) But, you guys, she's my BABY.

The surgery went FINE. Our ENT, (who is fantastic, by the way - tell me if you need one in the Northwest Ohio area), said that her left tonsil was enlarged and her right was similar to an "overripe piece of fruit." It apparently was a bit of a mess and he had to work a bit harder to remove it. Adenoids were swollen and removed perfectly and tube placement was fine.

They did warn us that when she wakes from anethesia she'd be incredibly out of it. We had this experience last October with Vivienne when she was just 10 months old and had her duct irrigation done. She was so sad and it broke my heart. Lila was sad/screaming, too. But they let me hold her immediately and I rocked her for a couple of hours in the recovery area. It was so sweet...

After that, we drove home. She didn't let go of the extra princess bandaids they gave her. One for her, one for Vivienne.

Lila Pickle is currently parked on the couch at my brother's place, where we stay, for a few hours. We took a nap together and she has taken her antibiotic, tylenol with codeine and ear drops just fine.

She's also eaten/asked for at least 5 servings of rainbow sherbet and Mickey D's Mom's ho-ho cake (which she ate) and she's been drinking water. She's pumped. She cannot BELIEVE that each time she asks for ice cream, she gets it.

She's talking and has already declared, "I am feeling better." And, "My tonsils are all gone!"

Her throat is sore and there's intermitten crying from pain, but she's being a trooper so far. I'm hoping the night is just as good as the day.

Thank you to all of you for your support and prayers. They're appreciated.



  1. Aww, so glad it went as smoothly as it can! And I don't blame you for crying. It's what Mama Bears are for. xoxo

  2. I've been thinking of you all day. So glad everything went well. I don't blame you for ugly crying. I cried reading this and I still have a lump in my throat imagining watching my baby be wheeled off for ANYTHING without me, especially if she's crying out for me. You are a strong woman. I'm so glad this is over for you. Hope little Lila heals quickly and with no issues!

  3. Teary eyed reading this, from one mama heart to another, so grateful she is doing well... xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Tears over here too. I'm so grateful this is over and done. Lila is an amazing little trooper. I can't wait to see you guys.

  5. glad all went well! way to hang in there... all of you. wishing speedy healing for little ms. pickle. :)

  6. Oh my gosh - little Lyla in her little scrubs just broke my heart!!! So glad to hear she came through it like a champ.

  7. Glad to hear everything went well. (And I'm SO SO happy that you like the Doctor - I feel a bit of pressure rx stuff like that!)

    I hope that today is going well also! Hugs to you all!

    (I had tears too. I cannot imagine...)

  8. Our son had an adenoidectomy at 10 months :o( Then he had another adenoidectomy and tonsilectomy last summer at 2 years old. He always did great going back with them, it was the after part that was hard on him. He was pitiful last year at 2 years old, it was awful when he was coming out of it, I felt terrible. He ended up getting dehydrated after a day or so of being home and he had to go back to the hospital for another overnight stay.

    Love those baby scrubs!! So cute. Actually, so cute, I stole a pair...

    I wonder if we had the same doctor. We are T-town. I love our ENT. We had both surgeries at V's.

  9. SOOOOO happy to hear that all is well and that ice cream is in abundance!!

    those scrubs were seriously the CUTEST THING EVER.

    yay for successful surgery and what looks like a much healthier future. much love.
    Love - Miss


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