Ladies Lunes: It's been a while

And here is my Ladies Monday.

Vivienne: 18 months old

Interests: Asking "Ok?" as in, "Are you ok?", climbing, eating with a spoon, attempting to go potty so that we sing the "Good girl" song to her, talking walks, Popsicles.

Favorite words: No, Ok?, agua, again, more, uh-huh, uh-uh, Lila, Up

Personality: Who-larious. I laugh a lot with this little lady. She zerberts now. She smiles all of the time. She answers in the affirmative (uh-huh) and I love that about her. She also says, "Who, who" like an owl with the face see in the previous post.

Dislikes: Vivienne HATES the car. LOATHES IT. She cries every.single.time. we have gotten in the car whilst in Ohio.


Lila Ross: 3 years and a month

Interests: Reading (Pinkalicious), Ming Ming (from the Wonder Pets), ice cream, helping others and chocolate bars and all things crafty.

Favorite words/sayings: Lila is resisting, but she's learning, "May I" instead of "Give me."

Dislikes: Doing anything she doesn't want to do. Like, eating after getting her tonsils out.

My sweet Lila has had a ROUGH month. Over and over again she just keeps saying, "I just want to feel better, Mommy. I no want to be sick again."

Still, she has time to share with and take care of her sister.

Love that kid.

Today, she woke up with a smile and that makes Mommy happy.



  1. Oh man, Vivienne's cuteness is too do you say 'No' to her? ;)

    I'm SO happy to see Ms. Lila smiling! Yay!

  2. I love your children! A lot... Sweetest little ladies...
    And I love the way you speak of them and share with us...
    :) xo

  3. I cannot believe how much I see both you and C in both of the ladies. :) It's SO lovely to see. And their little personalities are FANTASTIC -- I'm so, so glad I got to see you all while you were here! (And SO glad you're all home safe now!)

    Love you.


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