Book Review: I hate Everyone... Starting with me

7/31/2012 04:08:00 AM
Author: Joan Rivers

I'm a fan of Joan Rivers. A friend of mine dubbed her the hardest working woman in Hollywood and I'm on board with that assertion. She is a hard worker and I do watch (and, truth be told, DVR) the ridiculously scripted, Joan Knows Best starring Joan and Melissa Rivers and E!'s Fashion Police. I can't help it; her hi-jinx entertain me. She's crass, sure. But holy cow she's been through so much and she's come out on top. And WOW is she quick. I like that lightening fast wit. And all of those plastic surgeries? I have no comment. To each her own.

So I bought this book hoping that I'd get some insight into the assumedly interesting life of Ms. Rivers. The title intrigued me, why does she hate herself?! [I'm such a dork.] instead all I got was a wholelotta one-liners and self-deprecating humor that annoyed me. I pressed "next page" on my kindle so fast with this one the clicking noise nearly drove me nuts. I skimmed all the while optimistically thinking it would get better.

No pearls here, kids. No pearls. I chuckled here and there, but that's it.

This, along with Ellen's latest book, were complete disappointments. Comedians are funny on stage. They should continue performing and discontinue writing books if all they're going to do is write their acts down.

Skip this one.



  1. Thank you! I'll skip it! I love Joan too. ;-)

  2. Bummer. I love her as well. She is the hardest working woman in Hollywood. Says her biggest fear is having a blank calendar. You have to admire that work ethic from someone who is almost 80!

  3. Good to know. I started reading the Mindy Kahling (Kelly from the office) and it was really funny at first and I was amazing at how similar our childhood experiences were, but after a while, it was not as good as I had hoped. I never even finished it.


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