Birds on the window and Improvement.

This baby bird hangs out on my brother's windowsill.

Normally I'm not a big fan of birds, but this one I like.

I did not, however, like this bird's sibling.

He or she didn't stand on the windowsill like this little masked man, he CLUNG to the screen of a neighboring window SIDEWAYS.

Creeped me out. Big time. Get down from there creepy little bird.

This little guy, though. Fat and cute and slow. Just how I like my birds.

He's peeking in.

He had a lovely little yellow tail.

Cutie pie.

So today marks a week of Lila's illness and her fever is only 99 degrees. How are Mommy and Daddy celebrating? By going to a Mexican dinner [smile] with friends and then to the new Toledo Hollywood Casino.

Right on. (WE NEED A BREAK.)

To update, Lila woke up with a 102 fever on the morning of her surgery (Thursday.)  Obviously - this was a no-go for her surgery. Her ENT saw her later that day and saw that her stomach virus had turned into a throat/tonsil infection. (Of course it did. Hence the lasting high fever.)  Enter ten days of antibiotics and surgery rescheduling and that's where we are today.

On the exciting side, Lila has proceeded to throw up every time she's taken the antibiotic and I've taken to "masking it" with grape ibuprofen. Hey - don't judge me. It's working. Fever's down. She's perking up.

And painting again.

Lila's masterpieces.
She's back to her chatterbox self, complete with zero periods of silence that include a bevy of children's songs -- including, but not limited to, If you're happy and you know it and others. I think she's on the mend. She also continues to assert, "I am not hungry" and "I am not going to eat that" and "Leave me alone please."

[insert heavy sigh]

Yesterday since she was improving we actually got to leave our abode and see some of Lila and Vivienne's Ohio cousins. 

This is Micah. He'll be 5 in February. Those eyes?

And this is Blake, Micah's brother. He's turns 2 this fall. Um, adorable?

Lila and Micah.

Vivi puts on the mardi gras beaded necklaces as soon as she gets to Mimi's house. I fear they're covered in lead paint and try to take them off of her.

Mimi and her grand babies.

So Blake walked over to me and climbed up and snuggled with me.

WHAT? Come on. Preciousness. Preciousness that absolutely does not inspire me to have more children. :)

Pass. I do, though, very much so enjoy being an aunt.

(How do you like my tan? I live in Mexico, can you tell?)

Playing with the kiddos at Mimi and Papa's house.

Running after Vivienne - this child is fearless. Can you tell I'm ready for her to fall at any moment? Love her.




  1. I am so glad to hear and see that Lila is feeling better and that you can start to enjoy your time here!!

    Look at those sweet.

    Have fun tonight, you DO deserve it :)

    (That picture of you chasing Vivi is AWESOME!)

  2. Poor Lila and poor you!! Great photos though~! Love the one of you chasing after V!

  3. Ugh, sooooooo sad that she feels so yucky! I hope she feels better so that you can all enjoy life!


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