Ah, Ohio.

7/16/2012 07:56:00 PM

Iris Took's Nana's building.

This has been the weirdest "vacation" ever. Sure, there have been some fun, bright-spot moments that I'm so thankful for, but it's been very... odd in general. I haven't even been taking photos. (gasp.) The major issue is that I'm slightly paranoid about keeping Lila healthy before her re-scheduled tonsilectomy and adenoid removal/tubes on Thursday. She has a night-cough and it's got me on edge. We just cannot delay this procedure again. CANNOT. We've got to get back to Cabo.

Pass the xanax.

Bike rack crochet-cozie. Fabulous.

I think if I've learned anything thus far from this trip, which I refuse to call a vacation, it's that even the best plans don't always work out. Maybe it's because they're not really the best plans, right? I'm not the master-plan-maker.


That said, we're enjoying our family time. My Mom arrived Friday, the same day Craig flew back to Cabo. It's been so nice having her here. So nice.

Nana and the ladies.

Craig comes home late tonight and my Mom leaves early Wednesday morning. The girls miss him. Lila keeps saying, "I wish I could give my Daddy a very big hug."

Sweet thing.

And when I told Vivienne that her Daddy was coming back tomorrow she clenched her fists and ran in place and squealed. LOVE her.


The girls and I are enjoying temporarily living in downtown Toledo -- we enjoy our walks and find the homeless people of Toledo to be quite talkative and pleasant despite the fact that Vivi has been called a boy several times. "He looks like he's having fun."

The pink hat and earrings don't seem to help her cause.

Late morning walk with the ladies. Superior street.

I think we'll be visiting the downtown library soon -- if I remember correctly, the children's section is pretty suh-weet.

Ok, that's all for now.


P.S. I really hope Ivan wins The Next FoodStar.



  1. You poor thing!

    The downtown library is great!! We do story time there sometimes. My girls love playing there.

  2. Also, the library has brown bag (meaning pack a lunch) concerts on Wednesdays at 12:15 (to 1:15) on the lawn on Michigan Ave. With the heat, if it's excessive, they move the concert inside. Fun dancing for kids and free (just pack a lunch)! ;) Tomorrow is Glinda's Bubble (rock).

    Also, there are concerts at Levis Square (Madison and St. Clair) on Thursdays at noon (to 1:30). This Thursday is Kyle White (folk).

    Best of luck on Lila's surgery this week!

  3. Good luck with Lila's surgery this week!! Prayers coming your way.

  4. Thanks for the Nana shout out! Glad you are enjoying being a Toleodan again :)

    Good luck on Thursday!

  5. I hope Thursday goes well! Let me know if Lila would like to go swimming to help recouperate :)

    ps - I don't have zanax but I have lots and lots of adult beverages!

  6. Oh, I'm SO jelous of your library plan!!!!!!!!!!

    Please share the titles you buy. Nico needs new books desperately.

    Miss you all. Xoxo.

  7. I am also jealous of your library plan. I would take B, but he would tear-it-up! I don't think I have ever been to that library (I don't want to admit).

    Love the crochet! I thought it was mosaic tiles at first.

    It looks like you are the only 3 downtown.

    Hope Lila feels better soon and that you can get her in (to the dr) and back to Cabo. Not that I want you to leave T-town.

  8. You are amazing.

    That's all.


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