A peek into our cart.

I think the most notable from this quick Kroger run would have to be the handsome little devil that found its way into my cart for a mere $6.99.

I feel the investment is a mere pittance compared to the joy that little Garden Gnome will bring me for the duration of my time on earth.

(I will be that person.)


Vivienne, on the other hand, didn't love it.



  1. it looks like the sequel to this post is that The Viv hurls the gnome from the cart, breaking it (and your heart) into a thousand miniature, baby gnome pieces. then, in the third installment of the Gnone Trilogy, the gnome comes back to haunt her dreams. i think i'm onto something.....

    You're welcome. Love, Missy.

  2. The Viv would have hurled the gnome in a heartbeat... had she been willing to touch it. :)

  3. Aw, Viv. The gnome is a cutie.

    Question: I see you have Silk in your cart. I love Silk, but I was wondering if that is better for the kiddos than organic milk. I just started buying organic for B, but I would be more than happy to get Silk...what to do?

  4. Oh lordy....I love that gnome!!

    I would love it and my neighbor would hate it.....just like I hate her stupid goose she dresses up every month.

    (That cracks me up about V.!!)

  5. THREE CHEERS FOR SUMMER SHANDY!! Hope you guys are enjoying your time in the US of A. And sincerely hoping that Miss Lila is feeling better!


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