Toddler Hint: How to fix the the toddler-wasting-soap-dispenser issue

6/06/2012 07:15:00 AM

Not sure about your house, but the toddler in my house loves all soap and lotion dispensers. And, as toddlers are wont to do, she wastes ALL of the contents of said-dispensers and it DRIVES me nuts.

She could easily go through a half container of soap in one before-breakfast handwashing.

Enter: the rubber band solution.

I wound a [never used] hair band around the pump part of the soap dispenser in Lila's bathroom MONTHS ago and it's slowed down her consumption dramatically. It only allows her to get a BIT of soap as opposed to a whole pump's worth.

So, there you go.

A less-than-a-dollar toddler fix.



  1. Thank you!! Totally implementing this one!

  2. Great tip!!! Thanks, doing this now. ;)

  3. Well isn't that a handy tip?! Thanks! I have the ever-present battle with toothpaste ALL OVER THE SINK. I am so thankful I chose light-colored sink basins for the girls' bathroom - it's bad enough even with the light-colored sinks but if they were darker I think I'd have a coronary.

  4. This is such a good idea! Attia has just figured out how to work the lotion/soap pumps. :D

  5. We did this earlier this year too!!! (I know I read about it somewhere, but I don't remember where...) It has seriously worked WONDERS! We went through one entire bottle of soap in a matter of a week when Miss J started washing her hands on her own. I have now had the same bottle for several months. I call that an accomplishment in a house with a toddler!

  6. I don't know if this is related, but my stepdaughter uses half a container of conditioner every time she takes a shower. If she were here more often, we would go broke.

  7. If you haven't pinned this, you need to.


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