To their Daddy.

Dear Lila and Vivienne's Daddy,

On behalf of our ladies, since they can't spell yet and unfortunately don't have their own blogs (yet), I'm inclined to take just a short* moment to tell you a little something...

...the truth is, you astound me.

Now I know that "astound" is a rather generous adjective, so I looked it up on my handy-dandy computer dictionary to make sure it works in this context.

It doesn't.

Father's Day 2009 - the day you met your little namesake, Lila Ross. (How on earth will I ever top that Father's Day gift?)

Astound means to "shock or greatly surprise" and your transition from sweet husband to sweet Daddy didn't shock or surprise me at all. It was natural for you. It's less astounding... it's natural for you... and it's heartwarming and just cool.

You are the Daddy that I wanted my children to have. It's as simple as that.

You are involved; more than any other Dad I've ever met. (I'm partial maybe?) I think that says so much about you and your character and your commitment to me and to our family and most importantly to our ladies.

January 2011 - The day you met your second little sweetie pie, Vivienne Kate. (I love that smile.)

I love seeing your smile and hearing your laugh when Lila or Vivi makes you laugh.
I love seeing how your whole body language changes the minute Lila or Vivi run to you with their arms-wide-open, smash their face into your legs and squeeze you with the best of their hugs.
I love hearing you read to them.
Hearing you reassure them.
Hearing you compliment them.
Hearing you talk with them.
Seeing you make pink pancakes with fairy dust for no reason at all.
For fixing everything.

Whatever it is that you're doing, it's working.

Today is a reminder that you're loved.

And, I'd also like to let you in on a little secret: you're doing a great job.

Sure, there's no one else I'd rather be co-parenting with - but if you want to grade your performance so far, go ahead and do so today when the ladies cover you with more kisses, more laughs and more hugs, laugh at everything you say and smile at you...

Happy Father's Day, my sweet, sweet Craig.

Yo baby mama and yo babies. Lila & Vivienne.

(Ferg loves you, too. She thinks you're great. Millie, on the other hand, thinks you're just ok.)


*There's no such thing as a brief post about you from me. It can't happen.



  1. Loved the stroll down memory lane! since The Viv is just a peanut, it's funny that she looks like a significantly bigger babe than Lila was (perhaps it's just the angle).

    Either way, you're a fantastic father and Happy Father's Day, C!
    Love, Miss

  2. You two are just perfect together. Like God searched the earth and pointed to him and then her and said. . . yep, that's what I call good.

    There needs to be more C's out there (yours and mine) because you and I both know that the world is be better place for them, don't we?

    Happy Father's Day, C!

    K, this was beautiful. . . just beautiful!

  3. So darn sweet. "Yo baby mama and yo babies" cracked me up. Happy Father's Day, Craig!

  4. All I can say is, I love my girls. Had a great day!


  5. This is so sweet and beautiful and your husband is both those things too. Meow! :-) Is it OK for me to say that? tee hee


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