THREE.YEARS.OLD. Happy Birthday, Lila Ross!

And first you turned one.

Dear Lila,

You're three. You're three-years-old, today. However, if I were to ask you how old you were you'd say seven.

That's what I love about you. You're funny. (You get that from me.)

And then you turned 2.

But that's not the only thing I love about you, Lila.

You were the baby that I wanted so badly I could taste it. I dreamed of what you'd be like and you've turned out even cooler than what I ever imagined.

You're independent - but I've known that since you could hold your head up. This year, I learned that you're also kind. You have a little heart full of sweetness and concern for others. And that makes me so proud.

I've witnessed your kindness throughout the year - like when you automatically sing whenever Vivienne cries, or you pat her and say, " so'ok, We-vee, so'ok."

(You're wearing a Build-a-bear shirt.)

Just last night I witnessed your kindness when we were tucking Vivi into at bedtime and you reached your hand through the crib and rubbed her cheek and said, "Night, night Baby Princess Vivi. Night-night."

[heart melted]

You think of Vivi often.

Let's talk again about how funny you are. You're wholarious.

Even milk is funny to you.

Where did this baby face go?!

You have your own sense of style and have since the beginning. You still enjoy accessories and pink. And tutus. And princesses. And necklaces and purses: all paired with your favorite New Balance "running" shoes.  (You might need to get somewhere QUICK. I totally get it.)

You. And those shoes. On Mother's Day at school.

This past August you started school. (School starts early for little ones in Mexico.) You LOVE it. So much so, that you You were the only child who cried when I came to pick you up, but thankfully, you've curtailed that and smile,  run and hug me when you see me at pickkup time.

At every parent/teacher conference your teacher tells us the same thing: you're a great helper, you're especially awesome with the younger children and you're smart. (We knew all of that.)  You like to try new things and are ready to move on to Kinder I in the fall.

Leaving you that first day.

You love to sing and dance and you ADORE Lionel Richie. (I couldn't be more proud.) You sing, "You are the sun, you are the rain..."

At the beginning of your second year I was worried about your vocabulary... I was nervous because I felt like you should be talking more clearly. No worries any longer, my cupcake - you talk INCESSANTLY in both Spanish and English. And my favorite is when you call me your "Mah-ma" (emphasis on the first "Mah").

You love your cousins and when we say your prayers at night we must list them ALL. If I miss a Brody here or an Eli there, you correct me. Your "cousints" are very important to you.

Your name. You learned to say your full name this year, but you've added one word to it: Pickle. It's all because I started out calling you my "sweet pickle" and as nicknames are apt to do in this family, it was shortened to just "pickle." You now refer to yourself as "Lila Pickle." (Be still my heart again.)

This was also the year of the illnesses. Around September of this year you got your first-ever ear infection.... and it's been back every month or so since. You've got some allergy issues, huge tonsils and we have a fabulous relationship with our ENT. You hug and kiss him when you see him and he remember that your favorite thing in the world is Petal, your bunny.

You sort of fell at school this year. Oops.

Speaking of Petal - she's still your #1. For a while there Emme the Doll came in as a close second (see below), and you still love her, but Petal has been part of your heart since you were about 3 months old. And if one of our eight Petals just happens to be laying around the house somewhere, Vivi will pick her up, exclaim, "LILA!" and RUN her to you.

She's got your back.

Emme and Petal with Lila.

You adore cake.
You love tea parties and bubbles.
You love to color and have thankfully nearly stopped drinking bath water.
You love puzzles and talking on Facetime to your Nana.
You adore your Mimi and regularly claim that someone is your "best friend in the world" but shamelessly take away that title if they do something you don't like. (Tonight I said you had to go to bed and you promptly let me know that I was no longer your best friend.)
You've been talking about your "happy birthday party" since Vivienne's first birthday party in January.

 You're cautious.
And very, very intentional with all of your actions.
You love to paint and draw and color. My little artist.

You cannot be pushed. Everything, and I mean everything must be done in your own time. Right now we're working on greetings and goodbyes. You don't always like giving them.

 We love when you say certain words:

"fisk" is fix
"Roon" is your room
"Pock-oh-low" is a popcicle
"Moo-skick" is music
"Lucky" means yucky

I could go on and on.

When we ask you something you always respond with, "I do."

"Lila, do you want a cupcake?" I do.
"Lila, did you brush your teeth? I did.

Sometimes you're not so sure about you answer, so you say:

"Lila, did you put your shoes away?" I think so.

And my favorite: if you're doing something wrong and I scold you, you say:

"I'm sorry about. I no mean."

You disregard "it".


Oh, Lila. You're too much.

 It's so hard to believe that last year at time you looked like this:

And now you look like this.

You are so loved by this family of ours, Lila Ross Pickle.

I love you to the moon and back again and again.

I'm so glad you're ours.

Sweet pickle, happy, happy birthday.
I am so glad you were born.

Your Mommy

Here's a video of Lila from this past weekend


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  1. HaPpY 3rd BiRtHdAy to Lila!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Patt and Budge
    (Uti and Papa)

  2. Awe, Happy Birthday Miss Lila! This is so sweet. I couldn't stop smiling.

    Sophia wants to come to her party. I told her Mexico is far away. Her answer: I run fast. LOL. (Note, she's also YELLING Happy Birthday so Lila can hear her. Ha.)

  3. What a doll! Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!

  4. Happy birthday Lila!! Enjoy every moment of turning *seven* today :)

    Really, really great post Kylee... so sweet.

  5. Feliz cumpleanos sweet Lila... THREE years of being an awesome mom, amiga. Keep the awesomeness! Love you both.

  6. She's such a sweet thing.

    Happy Birthday Miss Pickle!

  7. Happy Birthday to Lila!! She is such a beautiful sweet little girl. I love her and I've never even met her in person. :-)

    What great pictures too!

  8. happy birthday, lila ross pickle! :) and happy BIRTH day to you, dear ky. what a special little girl you brought into the world! thanks for sharing such sweet words and photos of your first "baby"... now *seven*-year-old. :)

  9. Such a lovely post! Happy birthday, sweet Lila Pickle!

  10. Happy Birthday, Sweet Lila!!

    Big birthday hugs to you!

    (I seriously cannot believe she is three and so grown up)

  11. happy, happy birthday to Lila. to the beautiful, funny, smart, silly, happy, independent little girl who is so loved by her mama, daddy, sister and dogs and family and friends and "aunts"!
    "Aunt Miss"

  12. I hope little Lila had THE BEST birthday ever! She's just so cute and I feel like we've gotten to see her grow up through your awesome pictures and posts through the years!! I can't believe she's THREE already!! Geez. These dern kids will all be driving and going off to college before we know it!!


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