Not quite as easy I thought.

6/06/2012 09:08:00 AM

Sadly, I DVR "Food Network Star" because I guess I'm extremely concerned about the network's next television show host. Still, it's shocking how difficult it is to find appetizing people to host food programs that are likeable, can cook and aren't annoying.

I think we all need to take a moment to be thankful for Bobby Flay and Giada.

We certainly don't have to be thankful for Paula Deen and the Neely's. They drive me nuts.


P.S. I like Ippy.



  1. See, now, Giada annoys the crap out of me. And I think Paula Deen is adorable, even if I don't want to eat most of what she's cooking.


  2. I also DVR "Food Network Star" much to my husband's dismay :) and make him watch since nothing is on during the summer! I LOVE IPPY....he's so likeable and has a great smile! I also really like Michelle and while i feel Justin always appears to be wearing bright red lipstick, i find his approach interesting!

    Kristin...from the Zoo :)

  3. Love this show and happy with the new was getting kind of annoying and predictable.

    My favorite so far is Justin. He is different and quirky and I really like him! Not sure if I would cook his food, but I would watch him.

    Also like Ippy....he is just adorable.

    Also think Malcom has potential and not sure yet how I feel about Michele.

    Not really enjoying too many of the other people on the show.

    UGH...hear you about the Neely's. SO ANNOYING. And fake. I don't believe them and that they are that loving. Just stop acting like that.

  4. WK - Giada also annoys me. Probably because I envy the crap out of her. Oh, you can cook and eat whatever you want and you have a tiny little body and fantastic hair? Annoying!

    I am voting that Danny be the next Food Network Star and I be his prep chef.

    1. I would TOTALLY vote for Danny and watch his show! :)

      While I love Giada, I do get annoyed at how she eats and is with food sometimes and the fact that she is eating all that tasty food and is the size of a stick! I look at a piece of cake and gain 5 pounds ;)

      I use to love Rachael Ray....totally over her now.

  5. Giada also annoys me, but maybe she is growing on me a little. I just can't get over how large her head is. (She is beautiful, however).

  6. Totally Giada is annoying but I can handle her. I LOVE Bobby!

  7. I'm not watching this season... but I kind of want to be now.


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