No, thank you. I don't want to pay for that. But you DO have great hair.

6/19/2012 04:08:00 AM

I don't want to pay for anything anymore.

It's really that simple.

I'd rather not pay currency for anything; instead, I'd like to pay compliments.

Potential situation:

Me to the Sears salesperson: "You look very handsome in that color. You should wear grey more often."

Him to me: "Thank you for paying me that compliment. In exchange, I'd like to give you this new dryer. And free delivery. And free importation to your country of choice."

Me: "Thank you!"

That seems feasible, no?

Things I don't want to pay for:

1. Car issues (My check engine light just went on. As did Craig's. WHAT?)
2. Our five-year-old dryer is dying. (We've lived in Mexico long enough to have appliances die?)
3. Parties/events/gifts (These should just be free, right?)
4. FLIGHT TICKETS (I'm still not over the cost of our summer flights to Ohio.)
5. Meals/groceries. (Good food is too expensive.)
6. School tuition. (Well, I guess this is important.)
7. Childcare. (Ditto.)
8. Shipping and taxes on online purchases. (SHIPPING SHOULD BE FREE.)
9. Medical procedures, doctor visits and prescriptions.
10. Internet. Shouldn't wireless be as free as the air that we breathe?
11. Gas for my car. I'm sick of it.
12. International cell phone roaming charges.
13. Gym memberships.

Things I'm willing to pay for:

1. Some gifts.
2. Hair cutting and coloring.
3. Dessert.

That's all for today.



  1. Ha! I love your list. I totally agree with you on all of them! :-)

  2. Great idea. It's like that commercial where people get paid in gum. You put a new roof on my house, here's some Trident. We're even.


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