Like clock work.

6/13/2012 04:08:00 AM
A wooden bear face puzzle-piece, a half of a hard boiled egg and a mini salt shaker all DESTROYED.

Everyday that I return home from work I check out the counter to see what was ruined by the dog that day.

Millie is a cereal serial wooden-toy eater.

See her latest kills above.

It's annoying.

Any thoughts on this matter? Suggestions for how to combat this? I'm pretty much over her eating all of the girls expensive wooden toys.



  1. UGH, that sucks.

    We have cats. They scratch the shit out of things instead of chewing, so I am no help.

    For our family we dog we use to give her a HUGE chew dog bone. She loved it and would chew on it for days but thats all I gots! :)

    Good luck

  2. We have shoe-chewing issues here. The techniques I have are:

    1) avoidance (pick up all shoes)
    2) replacement (offer something funner to chew than shoes, like a bully stick or antlerz - these are great and wood-like)
    3) crate when you can't supervise and teach "leave it". While supervising, if you see shoe (or toy) chewing, use your "leave it" command and reward dog for obeying. I thought it would be hard, but our pup got it quickly. Let me know if you need instructions.

  3. Hi Ky! Ok, I'm no dog whisperer, but I know someone who I asked for input. I know the girls keep you and C super busy enough, but do y'all go for walks with Millie? From the information I was given, dogs have so much energy that if they do not walk each day, the energy can possibly manifest in other ways. Miss you!

  4. Put tobasco or rub a habanero on the toys she likes and leave them available to her. That's what I did to Kiera.....

  5. Finally, something I can help with. (No kids = no parenting advice. But, I HAVE DOGS!)

    Since they are the girls' toys, and wooden, #1 option of putting Tabasco or some brand of bitter/ick stuff on them is probably a bad idea.

    Give her something else to chew on (rawhide or the like... something she can make progress on) and for a few days constantly supervise her so you can correct the toy-chewing. She'll eventually understand the difference... probably pretty quickly as long as whoever is with her is consistent with the correction method/word you decide on ("leave it").

    You could make sure all the toys are always put away when you're not around to watch her, but then you'll have to do that ALL THE TIME, FOREVER (ok, maybe not forever). So I would try to teach her the difference instead. If anything, maybe pick up some cheap wooden toys and put the good ones away for this period.

    Good luck!


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