Ladies Lunes: The Pickle's Birthday Pics

This is a heavy-photo-laden post. Get ready and perhaps considering getting a snack. Or, skip to tomorrow's post. :)

The birthday girl woke up and shouted to me, "TODAY IS MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

After breakfast she she put on her wings, her "princess" dress and off to school we went. Of course, first we had to do the obligatory birthday photos. As you can tell, Lila was pumped.

Then I told a joke...

...and she smiled.

She had to get all gussied up for school and clearly her ruby ring was necessary. Note the "L" necklace, purple beads and sparkle nail polish. Lila is all girl. All girl.

My baby?

So we arrived at Lila's school for her class party and it appears the birthday girl was waiting for us. :)

Lila's teacher read a little story to the class about how Lila was born and Lila sat proudly.

There she is with her cousin, Brody.

There she is wearing the birthday crown.

During the presentation, the birthday child sits with his/her parents and then we show the kids the photo board about Lila. :)

Lila and her Daddy.

Next, it was lunch time. The rest of the class was washing their hands and these two cousins were just standing to the side waiting their turn. They're so cute.

Off we went to the party!

One of the tables and the birthday girl feasting on veggie straws, blueberries and dinosaur chicken nuggets.

And then after the party at school, we went home. And the rest of the day was filled with some gift-opening and ice cream-eating.

No photos of the ice cream eating since now that she's three, I feel that she needs to be fully clothed on the 'ole blog.

Vivi was quite excited about Lila's birthday. She feels that Lila's gifts are her gifts. :)

(That would be Vivi listening to Lionel Richie on my phone. She's addicted.)

The birthday girl and the birthday girl's sister.

Sweet girl. Oh, how I love this little lady.

That is my Lila.

(It was hot. I'm sweaty.)

AND, then SATURDAY was her big birthday party. :) Actually, it was quite small but it was a BIG deal for Lila. As it should be. She'd been looking forward to this party since Vivienne's birthday party in January.

My three-year-old!


Vivi and C. were ready for the party, too.

Vivienne was a little cuddle-bug.

...and there is the princess castle that Lila had been talking about since JANUARY.

Look how happy she was...

Vivi thought the bounce house was hilarious.

 Then the party-goers switched over to the wet bounce house. They loved it, too.

She was still so happy.

That smile... ;) (Photo by Dulce!)

Vivi and I watching the big kids. (I know, I know... it was hot. My hair was a mess.)

And then it was cake time.

HELLO? It's a CASTLE. It's a PINK CASTLE loaded with princesses and amazingness. This cake was lovingly made by Lila's aunt.

She adored it.

So fabulous. So special. So pink. So perfectly Lila. (Thank you, Bai!)

My little lady turned a little shy when the spotlight was turned on her and it was time to sing...

But she and her sister still loved the cake. :)

 These pics were taken by our friend, D. How sweet is Vivi?

Vivi, do you like the cake?


Are you all done?


...and that's Vivi Kate.

Earlier in the day Lila said to Craig, "This is my best birthday EVER!"...

And this photo, captured by our amiga, says it all.

 Happy birthday, Lila Pickle!



  1. I love every minute of it! I cannot believe how "big" she looks in the first picture of her party...what?

  2. oh, wow. that is REALLY CUTE!! all of it. the pink, the smiles, the shyness. so hard to believe your girl is three!! :)
    Love, Miss

  3. AHHHHH! She looks so, so happy. I love it.

  4. What a fun Birthday!! Love all the princess and pink. Keira likes all that too. :-)

  5. The personalized school celebration is awesome. What a cool thing. And she looks so happy. I would say that 3 is going to be Lila's best year yet! Nice job on all of the planning, too!

  6. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Look at your sweet girls! THREE?!??! How did that happen so quickly?

    LOVE IT.

  7. Too sweet. I love it. Your girls are so beautiful! They take after their mama!

  8. Oh Kylee, I feel so lucky to get to be part of these celebrations. What a privilege, friend.

    Lila is a HAPPY, sweet and very very LOVED little girl.

    You are building up priceless memories for her. To be a witness is a delight.

    (I *love* her outfit for the school's party. She gets the necklace fever from ME. Tee hee)

  9. When did she grow up so much? No, please tell me.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Lila Pickles :)

    That looks like a wonderful birthday! (and how cool the school does all that for the kids)

  10. Lila's birthday party looks stellar! Those bouncy houses are a trip! I love that the kid is so dang excited about her birthday.


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